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The Office Characters by First Talking Head
'Make friends first, make sales second, make love third. In no particular order' - Michael Scott
TV Show Cities
Somehow watching 'The Wire' doesn't make me want to live in that city.
Friends: The One with the Embryos
If you forgot exactly why the Friends swapped apartments at one point, maybe this quiz will jog your memory.
A Series of Unfortunate Events: S3 Character Chain
Can you connect the characters of A Series of Unfortunate Events?
Criminal Minds Ultimate Chain Game
This Criminal Mind-field is only for the most dedicated fans. I recommend binge-watching the entire series again before starting.
Archie’s kisses (Riverdale)
Name every person that Archie made out with (Riverdale)
Where am I? The Sopranos
Can you find the characters that appeared in the television show The Sopranos?
Riverdale: Guess Your Character
Think of a Riverdale character. Enter 'RIVER' to start and see if I can guess who you are thinking of. (Note: Character must be in at least 20 episodes)
First Name Basis: Television
Just how well do you know your favorite TV characters?
Counting TV Characters
Help sort these TV characters into their rightful groups.
The Office: Everybody Hates Toby
'You wanna hear a lie? I think you're great, you're my best friend.'
Game of Thrones: House Castles
Can you pick which castle/city each House calls home?
TV Shows Missing 'F' Words
File this quiz under 'Fun'.
The Office Surnames
Fact. Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
Ever-Present 'Game of Thrones' Characters
If you don't like puns, you need to find a Sansa humor.
Friends 7-to-1
Has anyone ever had better friends than these?
Follow That Line: Parks and Recreation
'There's one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk....which is water that's lying about being milk.'
NBC Comedy Chain Game (Clickable)
Pick the answers to complete the NBC comedy chain game.
Choose the Right TV Character
Thousands of words were sacrificed to create this quiz.
Survivor Logic Puzzle: Heroes vs. Villains
Can you find the location of the 20 castaways from Heroes vs. Villains using the clues provided?
Gossip Girl Couples
Pick the Gossip Girl Couples.
TV Teenagers By Show Blitz
These aren't 90210 style thirty-somethings pretending to be teenagers.
1990s TV Cast Quiz
Can you choose the correct 1990s TV show when given the names of some of the cast?
Most Difficult Game of Thrones Quiz!
Are you an Archmaester, or do you know nothing?
Ultimate RuPaul's Drag Race Quiz
Can you answer all the RuPaul's Drag Race Trivia?
SpongeBob or Patrick?
Well, they all sound equally stupid to us!
TV Watching TV
Name the television shows from an image of characters watching television.
Match the TV Drama Brides and Grooms II
Match the characters on the left to the characters on the right that they are marrying.
Netflix Originals by Characters
Are you still watching, Sporclers?
25 Years of Television Beginnings
A lot of things change in 25 years, but we still see the same character types on every sitcom.
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