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TV Shows by Dad
These dads are kings of the 'Dad Joke'.
Picture Click: 30 Rock, Not Great News
Pick the characters from the 2006 sitcom 30 Rock while avoiding the characters from the 2017 sitcom Great News.
The Ultimate Friends Quiz
We're still waiting for that long-rumored Gunther spin-off show.
5 Star TV Quiz
Match the answers to the given criteria.
Gossip Girl Season 1 Start to Finish
Can you choose the events of Gossip Girl season 1 in order?
TV Shows Cut Off At 'D'
Good thing we didn't include Dawson's Creek.
SNL - Marvel Characters (Picture Click)
Pick the Marvel characters as portrayed or parodied on Saturday Night Live.
Rick and Morty Test
Can you answer these Rick and Morty Questions?
Dexter's Morning Routine Minefield
As long as you follow the code of Harry, you'll do just fine.
Criteria TV: HIMYM vs. Friends
How much do you know about the two most famous groups of friends in the history of TV?
80s American TV A-Z
Name the American television shows from the 1980s, one for each letter.
The 100 Cast Nationalities
Name the The 100 Cast Nationalities.
TV Show by Kids
Sadly, Kids in the Hall aren't on this quiz.
Comedy TV Shows by Tagline
One quiz. Twenty-five comedies. Unlimited fun.
TV Show by IMDb Plot Keywords
The descriptions may be vague, but these TV shows are the real deal.
The HARDEST Friends Trivia Quiz Ever
Complete the The HARDEST Friends Trivia Quiz Ever.
More Last Names in TV Shows?
If you get in trouble, use your Lasso of Truth.
TV Shows by Tagline (2000s)
I will follow where you lead...
The Office: Boom! Roasted!
Surprisingly 'That's What She Said' free.
You Think You Know The Office (US)?
The Office had a good run (mostly) and tonight is the series finale!
Click a New Show (Midseason 2016-17)
Pick the shows that made their debuts during midseason in the 2016-17 television season.
TV Shows by Tagline (2010s)
If the 2010s had a tagline, it would probably mention at least one Kardashian.
90s American TV A-Z
Name the American television shows from the 1990s, one for each letter.
Kpop Idols in Which Kdrama?
Can you choose the right Kdrama?
TV Shows by Lego
Name the TV shows referenced by these Legos.
TV Shows Lead Characters (A-Z)
Disclaimer: Not all characters in this quiz are made of lead.
Click the Netflix Original Series
Click the series and chill.
TV Shows One Letter Changed
Pick the original letter that has been changed in the titles of these TV Shows.
First Name Basis: Television
Just how well do you know your favorite TV characters?
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