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March Madness: Final Four Locations
30 years of absolute madness!
Better Odds than a Perfect NCAA Bracket
Can you determine if the following events have a better chance of happening then filling out a perfect March Madness Bracket (given its 'highest' chance of 1 in 128 billion?) by typing 'Y' if Yes (a better chance) or 'N' if No (a worse chance)
Most Premier League assists in 2018
Name the players with 5+ Premier League assists in 2018.
NCAA Tournament Almost Schools
Name the schools to make a final of the NCAA men's division I basketball tournament but never win.
2019 March Madness Bracket
Unlike the one in your office pool, you can actually fill out this bracket perfectly.
Rugby League Teams by Nickname
Pick these Rugby League teams* by their nicknames.
Most Premier League Goals (2018)
We think you'll get a kick out of this quiz.
2018: The Year in Sports
Name the winners of each 2018 Sports event.
1939 NCAA Tournament Map
The tournament has come a long way in the last 80 years!
Final Four for Consecutive Decades
These college students have some different finals to study for.
Formula 1: St. Patrick's Day Quiz
Can you answer these 17 questions about F1, regarding Ireland (incl. Northern Ireland), Irish people, and the day of 17 March?
Can you name every WWE title win in 2018?
Name the Can you name every WWE title win in 2018.
Big 4 Champions ('70s & '80s)
They are the champions, my friends.
Get the Picture: MLB Grapefruit or Cactus League
Pick whether these MLB teams have spring training in Arizona or Florida.
NCAA Tournament Teams Without a Final Four
For these teams, there's always next year.
90% FT for any 5-year period
Name the NBA players who shot 90% or better from the free throw line for any five year period during their career.
3 NFL Championships in 10 Years
A brief history of football dynasties.
Zoomed in Football Badges 2
Name the zoomed in football badges again.
Same Letter NHL Teams
Sorry, but the Montreal Maroons have been defunct since 1938.
NCAA FBS Group of 5 States
Pick the states that have an FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) 'Group of 5' Conference school.
Premier League Teams by Garden Gnome
Can you identify the Premier League teams (all-time) by their promotional garden gnomes?
Cover the Alphabet - MLB Teams
Cover the alphabet, and cover all your bases.
Find the NHL Teams
If you want to find the NHL teams, you should start by looking on the ice.
*ALMOST* an NBA Team
Pick the words that are names of current NBA teams with EXACTLY ONE LETTER CHANGED and the rest is the same.
BCS Title Game and Final Four
Some seriously successful sports schools!
Formula One Race Winners (2000s)
This quiz might go by at high speed.
Colleges of NBA Players II (Select the State)
Can you select which state the NBA player played their college basketball in?
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