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Heisman Winners (1960s)
Pick the college football players who won the Heisman Trophy between 1960 and 1969.
Big 4 Team by Capital
When given a state or province capital, can you name a Big 4 team that plays in that state/province?
MLB MVP's and Cy Youngs 2000-2009
It's a shame that Cy Young never had a chance to win a Cy Young award.
Clickable UEFA National Teams
Pick the countries or regions that are UEFA* member associations.
Pixel Art - MLB Team V
Is retro baseball a thing? How old are the rulebooks?
NASCAR Find the Driver III
Can you find the NASCAR Driver? (Read How to Play)
Eliminate Your Options: Sports Edition
Can you eliminate your options with knowledge?
Venn: MLB, NFL, and NBA
Can you solve this Venn diagram for three professional sports: MLB, NFL, and NBA?
NBA 35+ Point Games (2010s)
Let's settle this score.
Soccer Clubs: Is That My Country?
Can you determine whether these soccer clubs are from the FIFA recognised nation whose flag their crest is covering?
20 Awkward Questions For Athletes (Mostly Americans)
Pick the athlete or person related to a sporting event that would be asked each question.
60 Team Blitz
We've diagrammed the blitz for you here, in case it helps.
Top 5 All Time NHL Team Goal Scorers
Canada's game picked for Canada Day. Happy Canada Day to all Canadian Sporclers!
Alphabetical NFL Logos Minefield
If the NFL ever adds a team called the Youngstown Zebras, you can probably leave them until the end.
Canadian Male Athlete of the Year
Happy Canada Day!!!!!!
MLB Team by Necklace
Probably shouldn't smack these out of the park with a bat.
Bullseye Blitz: NBA!
If they put a bullseye on the backboard, would it encourage more bank shots?
Pixelated Premier League Logos
You call them low resolution, we call them retro art.
Evolution of Football Crests: Chelsea F.C.
Pick the Chelsea F.C. crest used during the following years.
Any NFL Team Besides the Bills
You've got 31 others to choose from!
NFL Sack Leaders 2010s
Name the Top 10 NFL Sack Leaders for the last 10 seasons.
Build Germany with Bundesliga Teams
We promise you won't need to get your construction toolbox.
NWSL Teams
We're probably better at naming the teams than we are at playing soccer.
Eddie Cheever F1 Engines
Name the Formula One engine manufacturers that Eddie Cheever used in Grands Prix.
Fill in the Blank - English Football Clubs
If it gets really frustrating you can always just like kick it into a net or something.
Blackburn Rovers before the Premier League
Name these footballers who played for Blackburn Rovers before the Premier League era.
Top 10 UEFA Nations by FIFA Rankings (2000-2019)
How much would 2020 rankings have shaken things up?
Click the wrestlers from the Stadium Stampede match
Can you click the wrestlers from the Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing 2020?
NBA Finals Minefield (2010s)
These are the teams that finished strong.
Argentine Soccer Players
Apparently they've had some pretty good ones down there.
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