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Everyone Gets Atrophy!
Pick the correct trophy from the selection.
First Name: Super Bowl MVP Blitz
These guys are going to Disney World.
Super Rugby Logos
Can you match each Super Rugby team to its logo?
Multiple Top 5-Rushing Yards since 2000
Of the RB's that finished in the top 5 in rushing yards from 2000-2017, can you pick the RB's that finished in the top 5 in multiple seasons in their career (through 2017)?
More Sporty Teddy Bears
If bears steal your basketball, you should probably just let them keep it.
NCAA Nickname by Animal Click
Can you click the correct animal when given the NCAA school that uses the animal as a mascot?
Match Football Teams to Their Country
Name the country this team plays in.
Christmas Teams
We hope all their Christmas swishes come true.
WWE Intercontinental Champions Alphabet Mine Soup
Can you finish the names of these WWE Intercontinental Champions by spelling out the missing letters from the Alphabet Soup?
#9 Athletes (Images)
Name the athletes pictured sporting #9.
NCAA Heisman Winner & National Champ Same Year
Can you Identify the players who won the Heisman Trophy and were on the National Championship team in the same season?
Baseball Stat-Leader 7 to 1 Sorting Gallery
Can you sort these Major League Baseball stat-leaders in this 7 to 1 sorting gallery. Modern era players only.
Quick Pick: Sport Lovers
Pick the sport to fit the description of how it originated.
Quick Pick: Women's Tennis Grand Slam Winner Countries
Pick the countries that have produced at least one female grand slam (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open) tennis champion when given one of their winners.
National Finals Rodeo (Multiple Choice)
The 60th NFR begins today!
Anyone but Gordie Howe
Can you name everyone (apart from Gordie Howe) that...?
Big 4 Unique Match-Ups
These cities are ready for a face-off.
Ryder Cup: Successful Players
Name the golfers who have amassed the most Ryder Cup points.
NCAA Men's Basketball Champion By Letter
Pick the letters of the alphabet that are the first letter of any NCAA Men's Basketball Division I champion.
Nicola Larini teammates
Name the Formula One drivers who have been teammates to Nicola Larini.
Short NHL Team Names
Well, maybe not THAT short.
A Brief History of Big 4 Sports in Los Angeles
Complete the history of Big 4 sports in Los Angeles, California.
Premier League Teams by Any Word (On a Map)
Thanks to teedslaststand for the wonderful job as Sporcle Editor!
Giants Franchise 25+ HRs Single Season
These guys are truly giants of the baseball diamond.
NFL Teams Mini Word-Cross Puzzle
Time to put on your puzzle-solving helmet.
NBA Teams' Last Rookie of the Year
If you haven't had a Rookie of the Year since the 1950's, you might need to rethink your draft strategy.
Sporcle's Easiest NFL (per Letter)
Some players make the barely-possible look easy.
Hockey Hall of Fame by Any 3 Letters
Sadly, entering "NHL" won't get you any answers here.
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