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Premier League Clubs
If you want to make it into the premiere league you have to keep winning and winning.
Criteria Olympic Sports
Only a true sports fan can get 100% on the first try.
NFL Logos: Britified
If the NFL really wants to have success in the UK, they should start with these.
FIFA Player of the Year Top 10 (Since 2000)
Naming just the winner of FIFA Player of the Year is starting to get too easy.
NBA Players with Most Championships
Some of these guys have to put championship rings on their thumbs or toes.
Soccer Clubs with Most Titles by Country
Some leagues are a bit more renowned than others.
NBA Western Scoring Leaders (2000s)
Strangely enough, Sam Bowie is nowhere to be found.
NBA Top 50 players in2018 season for KOT4Q
Name the NBA Top 50 players 2017 KOT4Q.
Wrestlers Who Were or Were Not World Champions
Can you choose the Wrestlers Who Were or Were Not World Champions?
Anyone But Fabio Cannavaro
Can you name Anyone But Fabio Cannavaro?
FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Winner Nationalities
Match the winning World Cup Golden Boot winner's nationalities.
Can YOU Name The Top 50 Players In NBA 2K18?
Name The Top 50 Players In NBA 2K18.
Higher or lower? NBA edition
Guess which of the 2 given players has more Google searches (MADE FOR KOT4Q)
English Football Club Logos
If you enjoy soccer, you'll surely get a kick out of this quiz.
Pixel Art - NFL Team #3
Type the names of NFL teams to fill in the pixelated version of one team's helmet. Once you know the secret team, type its name between # characters (#Team_Name#).
Which Logo is NHL? (Minefield)
Can you click the NHL logos while avoiding the MLB, NBA, and NFL logos?
NFL Quarterback Durability
Can you click the pictured NFL quarterbacks in order of how many seasons each one started all of his team's games, least to most?
Last Five: World Soccer Winners
You could say that these teams reached their goals.
Three Big 4 Teams States & Provinces
'Excuse me while I sink this shot.'
Don't Get Blocked!
If you find yourself getting frustrated, make sure you read the instructions.
Famous Wrestlers by Picture
Wrestlers like to have pictures taken of themselves. Surprising, we know.
MLB World Series Minefield (2000s)
Take me out to the ballg....BOOM!
Last 10 NBA All-Stars Per Team
Don't worry, Hornets—you'll get there some day.
Closest NCAA FBS Team to NFL Teams
Some of these pro teams are really lucky college football isn't played on Sundays.
NBA Champions
Can you name all the NBA finals champs? Note: not all of them won by almost 40 points.
NBA Top Scorer by Age
We might need to see some birth certificates for this one.
Premier League Scorers by Continent
The Premier League needs more players from Zealandia.
Big Four Athlete by Mural
Thankfully none of these murals are off the wall.
Soccer Players Venn Diagram
We hope you get a kick out of this quiz.
European Cup Winners
Some of these clubs may be winning again soon; others, not so much...
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