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NBA Minefield: Who scored 60?
Pick the active NBA players who have scored 60 points in a game without picking any players who have not.
Big 4 Sports Logos by Letter
The true sports fan knows his or hers ABCs
Premier League 10+ Seasons
This is some double digit domination.
NFL Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Name the answers to these questions to become a millionaire.
NBA Players with Multiple MVPs
Though the usual NBA suspects make this list, there are a few you may be surprised didn't make it.
NFL Teams by Fans
We hope these fans stocked up on facepaint during the lockout.
NBA Champs Big Three
Sadly your intimate knowledge of Space Jam will be of limited use here.
NBA minefield quiz (KOT4Q)
NBA minefield quiz made for QOT4Q
Top 10 NBA Players Each Position In The 2018-19 Season
Name The Top 10 NBA Players Each Position In The 2018-19 Season.
NBA Team Longest Tenured Players
Name the NBA Team Longest Tenured Players.
NBA Logic Puzzle
Name the NBA teams given the clues.
NBA Finals Game Top Scorers - 1960s
Name the top scorer in every NBA Finals game in the 1960s.
NBA Last 5 MVP's by Position
Name the NBA Last MVP's by Position.
UEFA Champions League Winners' Starting XI
All of these players probably had a pretty exciting celebration.
Last 60 All-NBA First Teams
If all these teams played each other in a massive tournament, who would come out on top?
College Sports Logos
How else will you know which seat cushion to buy?
NFL Last 1st Round QB per Team
For a couple of NFL teams, this quiz might change today.
Big 4 Multiple Championship Minefield
35 teams have won a Big 4 championship since 1980, but the real problem here is the 87 teams who haven't.
MLB Chain Quiz 2019 (VERY HARD)
MLB Chain Quiz 2019
Premier League Logic Puzzle
Name the current Premier League football clubs that go in each box, using both trivia and logic.
Premier League Clubs
If you want to make it into the premiere league you have to keep winning and winning.
MLB Top 5 HR Hitters (1970-2009)
And begin steroid era debate in 3 - 2 - 1...
Top 100 UEFA Clubs
We hear there's a lot of kicking involved.
EPL's Top 100 English Goalscorers
Name the top 100 English Premier League Goalscorers from England.
Guess the NBA player by the emoji
Can you guess the NBA player by the emoji? (MADE FOR KOT4Q)
Best Fantasy Premier League players 2018/19
Name the 50 Fantasy Premier League players with the most points in 2018/19.
Obscure Knowledge - Champions League Winners
We'll spot you a hint. It's probably not the Red Devils.
EPL Winning Teams, Managers, Captains & Top Scorers
There's a lot that can be said for getting yourself on this quiz.
World Cup Winners
Since only a handful of people really follow soccer, we don't expect this quiz to be popular.
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