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Premier League: Most Expensive XIs
You be the judge whether the money is worth it in the end.
Arsene Wenger's most used players
Can you name Arsene Wenger's most used players at Arsenal?
NBA Players with Most Championships
Some of these guys have to put championship rings on their thumbs or toes.
NBA Players with Multiple MVPs
Though the usual NBA suspects make this list, there are a few you may be surprised didn't make it.
1996 NBA Champions - Chicago Bulls
Pick the 1996 NBA Champions - Chicago Bulls.
1,000 Game Pitchers Click
Pick the MLB pitchers who have appeared in 1,000 or more games.
International Football XIs: England
Here's a quiz of a bunch of English guys who just like kickin' it.
NBA Top 10 (2000s)
Here's a blast from the past, remember the 2000s? Seems like it was just yesterday.
Football in London
On a good (but busy) day, you might be able to stop and take a picture at all these teams' stadiums.
1999 NBA Champions - San Antonio Spurs
Pick the 1999 NBA Champions - San Antonio Spurs.
Liverpool European final line-ups since 2001
Name these Liverpool European final line-ups since 2001.
NBA Starting Lineups 2018-2019 (06/18/19) Updated Daily
Name the NBA Starting Lineups as of (06/18/19) per the Most Games Started by Position.
Phoenix Suns NBA Award Winners
Name the Phoenix Suns NBA Award Winners.
Men's & Women's World Cup
When it comes to sports quizzes, our cup runneth over.
2019 NBA Champions - Toronto Raptors
Pick the 2019 NBA Champions - Toronto Raptors.
Top 10 Premier League Players per Position (2018-19)
Name the Top 10 Premier League players in each position according to their 2018-19 WhoScored ratings.
Sports Illustrated Top 100 NBA players 2019
Name the Sports Illustrated Top 100 NBA players 2019.
Efficient World Cup Countries
Name the current FIFA Nations who've won the most World Cup points per million population.
31 in 60: NHL Teams
You'll need to skate through these teams if you want to beat the buzzer.
FIFA World Cup Participants Minefield
It's probably a bad idea to run around on a field filled with mines.
Champions League XIs: Manchester United
"I'd crawl all the way from Norwich to Manchester for the chance to play for United." - Steve Bruce
Wimbledon Winners; Borg or McEnroe?
Pick the Wimbledon Winners; whether it was Borg or McEnroe.
Guess The 2019 NBA awards candidates
Can you name best player from each NBA team(My opinion)?
Lost for Words: Athletes
Both the questions & answers in this quiz contain only pictures. Can you pick the correct answers without any words to help you?
Between the drought: New York Yankees
Name the 6 players who played 10 years for the New York Yankees in their history without winning a ring.
Soccer Players Venn Diagram
We hope you get a kick out of this quiz.
NHL Logos
We're getting cold just looking at these logos.
Baseball Hall of Fame Members
Now that you know where the Baseball Hall of Fame is, try naming the players who fill it.
FIFA Player of the Year Top 10 (Since 2000)
Naming just the winner of FIFA Player of the Year is starting to get too easy.
Premier League Teams Never Relegated
No matter hard how others try, they just can't get rid of these EPL teams.
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