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NFL: Literally
This is literally one of the best NFL quizzes we've ever played.
All 128 FBS college football nicknames
Name the All 128 FBS college football nicknames.
NBA #1 Draft Picks (1980s)
There are no basket cases here.
NBA 2015-16 Order Quiz
Can you answer each NBA 2015-16 related question based on the previous answer? (Check How To Play)
Top 3 in England (Football)
The competition is fierce, but the glory is great.
Big 4 US Sports Cities
There are 12 metropolitan areas in the U.S. that have all 4 major (NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL) sports teams. Can you fill in the map?
World Cup Winners
Since only a handful of people really follow soccer, we don't expect this quiz to be popular.
Name all 32 NFL teams
Can you name all 32 NFL teams?
Premier League goalkeepers all-time saves
Name the 45 Premier League goalkeepers with the most saves since 2006/07.
Blackboard Blitz: NFL Teams
Fix the blackboard by erasing (clicking) all the wrong answers to leave only NFL teams.
NFL Quarterback Durability
Can you click the pictured NFL quarterbacks in order of how many seasons each one started all of his team's games, least to most?
Premier Premier League Teams
These teams are the best of the best.
Top Premier League Scorers Since 2010
In any other sport, these numbers would be much higher.
32 in 60: NFL Teams
The way things are going, in another few years every answer on this quiz is going to be Los Angeles.
NBA Champion Starters (2000s)
Sigh, all that time trying to spell Olajuwon for nothing, nothing!!!
WWE: Top 10 Win Percentage (2003-2012)
Name the top 10 superstars in win percentage in each year from 2003-2012 .
2012 Summer Olympics Minefield
It's really a shame the Olympics discontinued the 'Dueling Pistols' event.
Blackboard Blitz: NBA Teams
Blitzes. They're not just for football anymore.
2016-17 NBA Statistical Leaders by Team
It's clear that some of these teams are carried by just a few players.
Last Five: Big 4 Champions
You don't need a good memory to remember these recent winners.
Top Scorers in Europe's Top Leagues
If we knew being a top scorer in one of these leagues would get us on a Sporcle quiz we'd have tried out ages ago.
Criteria NFL Quarterbacks
Don't try to click any of these quarterbacks after the quiz is over, or you will definitely get flagged.
Premier League Top Scorers by Age
This is one for the ages.
Anyone But Stefan Klos
Can you name Anyone But Stefan Klos?
NFL Last Four 1000-Yard Rushers
We were going to call this 3000 feet rushers, but that just sounded so weird.
All-Time UEFA Champions League Teams
This quiz is definitely not too US-Centric.
NFL #1 Draft Picks (1980s)
The draft can really make or break a team.
Sports Bunker
Can you get to Sector 15 of this sports bunker?
NBA Teams (Redux)
As much as we wish they were real, the Flint Tropics are definitely not a team in the NBA.
Olympic Host Countries
This quiz begs a whole host of questions.
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