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NHL Original Six
The Original Six refers to the group of six teams that composed the NHL before the NHL Expansion. It was only marginally easier to make the playoffs back then.
First NBA 50 Point Game by Season
1999-2000 season, you were a huge disappointment.
South American Country by Soccer Club II
Match the South American football (soccer) clubs with their home country.
Perfect NFL Passer Rating
We couldn't have asked these QB's to do a better job.
Out of Shape NFL Logos
This is what happens when logos forget to train in the offseason.
NHL: Literally
NHL is a tough sport. Lucky for them, they have tough team names too.
NBA Players in the 'Wrong' Uniform
We wonder what these jerseys are going for on eBay these days...
NCAA FBS Nicknames
A quiz for the true college sports fan. Come up with the nickname for each and every NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (Div. 1-A) school.
MLB All Stars - 80's
Name the baseball all star starters from 1980 to 1989.
Big 4 'R' Team Blitz
Pirates will enjoy this quiz since their second favorite letter is 'R,' only behind their love of the 'C.'
2014 Winter Olympics Minefield
Maybe PyeongChang 2018 will include Olympic snowball fighting? We can only hope.
Super Bowl Winners' Starting Skill Players (QB/RB/WR)
These players have got some skills.
NFL Chain Game 3
Pick the correct answers in this third NFL chain game.
NFL Chain Game 2
Pick the correct answers in this second NFL chain game.
WWE Match the Superstars to their DVD
Match the WWE wrestlers/superstars/stables/tag teams to their DVDs.
Olympics Hosts: Winter or Summer?
No matter the season, these Olympics hosts have a tall order to fill.
No Sport US States Minefield
We're sure these states have lots of other amazing things besides pro sports to keep them busy.
MLB Stadium Game
Someone should really let us sponsor a stadium. We'd call it 'US Centric Ballpark'.
NCAA Every Final Four Team
This March Madness quiz is 75% dissapointment.
NBA All-Star Vote Leaders
Finally someone has combined basketball and democracy.
MLB Most Single Season Home Runs
Going, going, gone! All you have to do is name the players who have hit 49 or more home runs in a single season. We discourage the use of performance enhancing drugs while taking this quiz.
FIFA World Cup Bunker
Are you ready for the big Belgium-USA match today? Try this quiz to test your World Cup knowledge!
MLB Perfect Games
27 up, 27 down. The perfect game requires not just great pitching, but great fielding as well. Fortunately, you only have to name the pitcher for the 17 recorded MLB perfect games.
MLB Todd Zeile's All-Star Teammates
Todd Zeile never made an all-star team, but plenty of his teammates did.
NBA Players with Most Championships
Some of these guys have to put championship rings on their thumbs or toes.
NFL Starting QBs (San Francisco 49ers)
These 49ers came to California looking for touchdowns, not gold.
Top 10 Home Run Hitters All-Time by Franchise
If we had a Sporcle Baseball team, these are the guys we would want playing for us.
NFL Career Passing Yard Leaders
You'd think being the QB of one of the most storied franchises in the NFL and being at the top of this list might be enough for some to call it a career. It would, unless you were secretly a Jets fan.
NBA Top Scorers by Franchise
You might call them 'franchise' players.
NBA Best Selling Jerseys by Team (2011)
In 2012 this will all be in Turkish.
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