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Premier League or Not?
Can you click which teams are, or have been, in the Premier League from this list? (Under 2 minutes; minefield).
Click the Soccer Logos II
We said 'click', not 'kick'.
Premier League Fives
This quiz is proof that it's only good to be in the top 5 some of the time.
NBA All-Stars by Current Team
It's been a while since a couple of these guys played their last all-star game.
Premier League Winners' First XI
It's good to know who your starters are.
ЧР по футболу 2018/2019
Вспомните позиции клубов в ЧР по футболу 2018/2019?
NHL Teams
If there isn't a team named the 'Zambonis' in the NHL one day, it will be a shame on all of humanity.
300 Career Wins with No Cy Young Award
Name the 300 Career Wins with No Cy Young Award.
Can you pass the impossible AFL Quiz!?
Anyone but Magic Johnson
Hopefully you have the magic touch.
Most Career Wins in Baseball but Not in Hall of Fame
Name the Most Career Wins in Baseball but Not in Hall of Fame.
Champions League XIs: Real Madrid
If Mourinho gets his way, pretty soon Antonio Adán will be in this quiz.
Los Angeles Lakers All-Time Leaders
The Lakers were originally located in Minnesota, but they've been too lazy to change their name ever since.
NBA: Youngest to score 40 vs. every team
Name the youngest NBA Player to score 40 points vs. each NBA team.
Man Utd top scorers from each PL season
Can you name Manchester United's top scorer from every Premier League season?
WWE Intercontinental Champions
If you need more wrestling after taking this quiz, you could check out the 5 hour DVDs of twenty years of the Championship.
WWE 1990's Deceased Title Holders
Pick the deceased wrestlers who held a title in WWE in the 90's without clicking those who are still alive.
The NFL's Most Memorable Numbers
Football has always been a game of numbers.
Male Athletes Sorting Blitz
This quiz is up to par.
NBA Finals MVPs
Only one player has one this award six times and only one player has won it while being on the losing team. Now that we got you started, can you name these MVPs?
WWE Champions
The World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly World Wrestling Federation) Championship was first awarded in 1963. Since that time, close to 50 wrestlers have held the championship.
English League Soccer Teams by Any 3 Letters
*English League Football Teams by Any 3 Letters
NBA #1 Draft Picks
The last 40 years of NBA Draft #1 draft picks. Hey, they can't all be winners.
NBA 50 Point Games (2010s)
A 50 point basketball game is great, but we make a 50 point turn getting out of the parking lot and everyone's upset.
Sports Logos
Logo: a graphical representation, symbol or emblem; reason to sell jerseys.
Premier League 100 Goals
Only 13 players have scored 100 Premier League goals. There's a pretty good chance David Beckham, with only 61 and now in America, won't make this list.
Premier League Sorting Gallery
Are you ready for some football?
FIFA World Cup Bunker
Are you ready for the big Belgium-USA match today? Try this quiz to test your World Cup knowledge!
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