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England's last 50 goalscorers
Name the last 50 players to score for England.
Premier League penalty scorers
Name the top 20 Premier League penalty scorers since 2006.
Talkin' the Talk
Sports are just better with trash talk.
Big 4 US Sports Teams
We're a tad embarrassed to admit that before Sporcle, our primary way of learning geography was from following different sports teams.
Top 10 Wrestlers of All Time from 10 Different Sources
Name the Top 10 Pro Wrestlers of All Time According to 10 Different Sources.
Longest String of Unique Champs: NBA
Name the 6 teams that won the NBA Finals in the only 6 year stretch where 6 different teams won it? (See How to Play).
NBA Top 25 by Category
I dunno, maybe you have heard of some of these guys.
Premier League Clubs All Time
Of the 42 clubs that have competed in the Premier League, only the best, er...wealthiest four have won the title.
Every Czech player in Premier League history
Can you name every Czech player in Premier League history?
30 in 60: MLB Teams
Just be glad the locations are in alphabetical order.
College Logos of 1960
Name the division one colleges by their logo from 1960.
Premier League Goal Scorers
My intimate knowledge of the NFL did me almost no good here.
NBA Chain quiz for KOT4Q
NBA Chain quiz for KOT4Q
John Cena PPV Opponents
John Cena has faced 213 opponents in PPV matches in his career, that's gotta tire a guy out.
Quick Pick: March Madness Champions by State
Pick the State or District of Columbia, for each school that has won March Madness and does not contain its state's name in its common name.
NBA All-Stars by Current Team
It's been a while since a couple of these guys played their last all-star game.
NFL Logos
Who designed the Browns logo is our one and only question.
Most Premier League assists in 2018
Name the players with 5+ Premier League assists in 2018.
Longest String of Unique Champs: MLB
Name the 10 teams that won the World Series in the only 10 year stretch where 10 different teams won it? (See How to Play).
NBA 2019 All-Star Logic Quiz
Using logic and NBA knowledge can you type the last names of the 2019 All-Stars (AS's) in the correct cells? This is a MINEFIELD!
Premier League Players: Ten Seasons Apart
A decade later, and these guys are still kicking.
Athletes of the 1980s
Back when the shorts were short and the hair was long.
NHL Teams
If there isn't a team named the 'Zambonis' in the NHL one day, it will be a shame on all of humanity.
NBA 2019 Chain Quiz
Are you a REAL NBA fan?
Highest Transfer Fees: La Liga
Name the fifty biggest transfers for La Liga.
MLB Teams
One day, the Springfield Isotopes will finally get promoted.
Better Odds than a Perfect NCAA Bracket
Can you determine if the following events have a better chance of happening than filling out a perfect March Madness Bracket (given its 'highest' chance of 1 in 128 billion?) by typing 'Y' if Yes (a better chance) or 'N' if No (a worse chance)
Longest String of Unique Champs: NFL
Name the 8 teams that won the Super Bowl in the only 8 year stretch where 8 different teams won it? (See How to Play).
2018 World Cup Stars
For now, the stars of the World Cup are completely earthbound.
top 100 NBA players at the start of 2018-19
Name the top 100 NBA players at the 2018-19.
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