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Clueless Letter Lines: Australian Animals
All answers are Australian animals (monotremes and marsupials). Linked letters are the same.
Missing Member: Science
Ironically, we made need to use science to experimentally determine which member is missing.
Disappearing Act: Science
Science is one of the few things we'd rather not disappear in this day and age.
Scientists Acrostic
Can you fill in the scientist's first name when given their surname and lifespan to reveal another scientist's last name down the middle, then fill in that scientist's first name at the bottom?
Get The Picture: Edison or Tesla
Can you choose whether each fact applies to Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla?
Diseases Going Undiagnosed!
Can you find the two diseases/medical conditions, beginning with the same letter, hidden in each of the following sentences? You must get both to score.
Periodic Table Tetris!
How long are we going to wait for that long piece!?
Quick Pick: Real 'P' Elements
Can you pick all of the elements that are real chemical elements that start with the letter 'P'?
Fill in the Animals with Elements
Pick the element whose symbol can be used to complete each duo of the given animals.
Science 'C' Images
Time for you to C the science. Hopefully that also isn't a grade or something.
Egg Laying or Live Bearing?
Can you correctly select whether the given animal lays eggs (E) or gives birth to live (L) young??
Who Is That North American Animal?
Who is it and how did it get so cuddly?
Science Crossword: Bonding & Structure
Complete this crossword with a bonding and structure theme.
Pick a computer/ TV/ phone cable
Pick the commonly found computer/ TV/ phone cable connector from the selection below.
Get the Picture: Earth or Venus
Can you determine whether the clue refers to the planet Earth or Venus?
Illustrated Crossword: Solar System
Can you identify the celestial bodies and complete this space style crossword puzzle?
Trimmed Birds
Name the birds when the first and last letters have been removed.
Cryptogram: Flowers
Can you fill in the 1-word flowers by solving this cryptogram?
Find the Peacock Animals
There's one! We found it!
Which Jovian Planet?
We won't fault you if you just click Uranus for every question.
Bear in the Mapped World VIII: Asian Black Bears
Can you find the countries where the Asian Black bear is native to?
Science Pairs
You could call them deductive duos or chemical couples.
Synonym Switch Out: Scientists
Can you enter the word that has been replaced by a synonym in part of each scientist's name? See example in How to Play.
Cow or Horse?
How about both?
Criteria Quickie: Animals II
Is Sharpteethicus chompeon a valid scientific name?
Symbol Cryptogram: Elements II
The massive-brained play would be making the elements another code for another hidden message. Figure it out.
Who Is That European Animal?
Can you choose the image that corresponds to each European animal?
1st Letter Elements 5 to 1
If we had things our way, the only element starting with 'K' would be Kyrgyzstanium.
Hatching Animals
It's what happens when you celebrate Easter way too early.
LogiCrossword: Simple Machines
Can you fill in the names of the six simple machines with NO letters or hints provided?
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