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Hindu Deities
It's hard to believe we've never published a quiz about a religion with more than 1 billion followers.
Bible Locations
The drawer in your hotel room is not exactly what we're looking for here.
Bible Books in Sentences
It's like the DaVinci Code, but without Tom Hank's weird haircut.
England's most common religons
Name the religion.
5 Rivers of Hades
These are rivers you might want to avoid going down with an inner tube and a six pack.
Profile: Jesus Christ
Those bumper stickers that say 'My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter' are finally starting to make sense now.
6-Letter Bible Books
Sometimes it's best to be brief.
Who Is Jesus Talking To?
Jesus could be a very chatty fellow when he wanted to be.
Bible Books Without Vowels (New Testament)
You need a least a couple of vowels handy if you're going to have a Resurrection.
Greek Mythology: The Famous And Obscure
Name the Figures of Greek Mythology.
Bible or Shakespeare?
The Bible or Shakespeare? That, in fact, is the question.
Bible Anagrams
The Lord created anagrams on the sconed day.
Old or New Testament
What happened to the middle testament?
20th and 21st Century Popes
Being Pope would be awesome for the cool hats alone.
Religion Profile: Islam
Name the facts about Islam.
Bible Books by Name Length
Just when you thought those names in the Bible were too long...
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
We've always been suspicious of people on horseback.
John 3:16
Much more pleasant than Austin 3:16.
Most Common Pope Names
This is the type of quiz that just fills us with pope.
Who's Your Brother?
These brothers were pretty friendly. Not like Cain who hated his brother as long as he was able.
Four-Letter Bible Books
There are just enough 4-letter Bible books to field a baseball team. We're not sure what they means, but it feels important.
Animals Mentioned in the Bible
We double-checked, no unicorns here.
Cities with the Most Catholic Basilicas
There are a few unexpected places here.
Books of the Old Testament (Roman Catholic)
It seems like there are some extra books in here...
Four Cardinal Virtues
Remember, virtue is its own reward.
Japanese Gods
Name the Japanese deities.
The Beatitudes
Blessed are the Sporclers, theirs is the kingdom of knowledge.
Biblical Figures by Haiku
We'd actually like to see a Bible re-written as haiku.
Book of Judges
You could argue that these guys are the original supreme court justices.
Gifts of the Magi
These were not the most practical of gifts, but we're sure they were appreciated all the same.
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