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95% or more same Religion Countries
Name the countries where, statistically, more than 95% of the population follows the same Religion.
Countries with the Most Christians
Name the Countries with the Most Christians.
Religion To-Do Lists
Name the religion based on the to-do list.
Who's That Egyptian God
Can you identify which Egyptian god is being described?
Bible Decisions: Joshua, Judges, & Ruth
Can you pick which of the options the people in the Bible chose in each respective set of circumstances?
Three-Word Bible Phrases
Sometimes all you need is three words to get your point across.
True or False Quiz on Worship in Islam
Complete the True or False Quiz on Worship in Islam.
Bible Decisions: Exodus
Can you pick which of the options the people in the Bible chose in each respective set of circumstances?
Missing Letter: Biblical Names
One letter can make awl teh diffrence.
The Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology
Can you click the Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology?
Disney Mythological Creatures
Match the mythological creatures from Disney's animated movies and TV series with their pictures.
Finish the Famous Bible Quote
Pick the last word to these famous quotes from The Bible (KJV).
Pope by Any 3 Letters
Entering 'ius' would be a good place to start.
Prophets of Islam Trivia
How much do you know about the Prophets of Islam?
Mythological Fathers
Can you match each father found in Greek, Egyptian, Norse, or Hindu mythology with his child?
Christian Countries of Asia
If you ever need an ark, we Noah guy.
Least Religious US Cities
Name the US metropolitan areas with the highest percent population of unaffiliated residents.
10 to 1: Ancient Egyptian Religion
Pick the members of each set of a different size.
Roman to Greek Gods
These gods have been around for a while, you've probably heard of them by now.
Religions by Goddess
What we want to know is who the goddess of trivia is.
Old or New Testament Figures
Isn't the New Testament actually pretty old as well?
New Testament Bible Verse Matching (ESV)
Match the New Testament Bible Passage to its Corresponding Verse.
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Religion
This quiz show is simply divine.
Most Common Words in the Quran
Follow up this quiz with 'Most Common Words in the Bible' and see how they compare.
3 Religion Threesomes
Name the 3 things in each of these religion-themed threesomes.
Wiki Religion Picture Click
This quiz is so fun you just might be converted.
Middle-earth Mythos: It's all Greek (and Norse) to me!
Identify the parallels/counterparts between Middle Earth, Greek, and Norse mythology.
Greek Gods - Male or Female?
This quiz is Greek to us.
Biblical 'S' Scramble
Has anyone else ever wondered why Bible pages are so much thinner than the pages in other books?
Country by Religious Pie Chart
We wouldn't be too surprised if there was a religion devoted to pie.
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