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Cover the Alphabet - Names of Popes
By naming Roman Catholic Popes, can you cover up all the letters of the alphabet? Each pope you name will cover up any letters contained in its name.
Trivia Grid Blitz - Bible Books I
Can you type any Bible book that satisfies each square in the table in time and without making a mistake?*
Roman Mythology Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram for each Roman god and goddess?
Religion Groups Grab Bag
Reach all four hands into our grab bag.
Old Testament Book by First Verse
Apparently 'Hey you!' wasn't the preferred way to get people's attention.
Religion Race II
Can you quickly click the only available member of each religious subset given?
Mythological Monsters and Their Slayers
This quiz might be tough, but it's nothing compared to trying to slay that thing.
Roman God Picture Click
Can you click the correct pictures representing the roles of each major Roman God?
Match the Biblical Couples
Match-up the biblical lovebirds.
The Ten Commandments
There really should be an 11th commandment about googling Sporcle answers.
Mythical Creatures
If you ever cross paths with any of the creatures from this quiz in your daily travels, please take a photograph and send it to us.
Religious Imagery on Flags
Whaddya mean, Stars and Stripes aren't a religion? Amurrica!
Cross the Images: Major Religion
Type 'O' if the countries meet the two criteria in the top row and left column, while type 'X' if it doesn't. Be careful: one wrong move will end the quiz.
► Places of Worship Timeline
Pick the correct place of worship when its time of construction and one other clue is given? (Images are sorted by a time of construction.).
Greek God Picture Click II
Can you click the correct pictures representing the roles of each Greek God?
Bible Books by Any 3 Letters
We can't be sure if this quiz breaks any commandments.
Bible and the Quaran Name Quiz PART 1
Given a name from the Quaran, can you pick the name found in the Bible? See Notes
Foods Named in the Bible
If we were translating the bible, we'd try and sneak cool ranch Doritos in there somewhere.
Greek God or Human?
Some of the mortal heroes performed such otherworldly feats that you can be excused for thinking of them as Gods.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Religion
Sorting them all into "religion" is cheating. You know it, we know it.
Norse Mythology Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram for each Norse god and goddess?
Christian Countries of Africa (Picture Click)
Pick the countries of Africa where a majority (>50%) of the population are Christian.
Mythology Bunker
This quiz is divine.
Avoid the 'I' Bible Books
There is no "I" in Bible. No wait, that's team.
Letters Minefield: Bible Books
This won't be as forgiving as the actual Bible.
Bible Word Association
These things were quick to pair off.
Bible Book Imposters
Some of these books just really wanted an invitation to join the Bible. Too bad, so sad.
Quick Pick 20th Century Popes
Pick the 20th Century Roman Catholics Popes while avoiding the decoys.
1st Letters: Pope, Apostle, or Deadly Sin
The popes and apostles might take offense at being grouped in with that third one.
Illustrated Crossword: Greek Gods
Complete this illustrated crossword puzzle.
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