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Popes: One Letter Off
Pick the words and names that would be Roman Catholic Popes if one letter were changed.
Greek Mythology Venn Diagram
We Apollo-gize for any bad puns we've written.
Recent Pope Picture Click
The portraits below represent the last twelve Popes. Can you click the correct Pope when prompted?
Bible Books Hangman
If you ever need a Bible pun, we Noah guy.
23rd Psalm Click-a-long
This one'll take you all the way back to Sunday school.
Bible Books by Any 3 Letters
We can't be sure if this quiz breaks any commandments.
Religion by Numbers
Religion can be hard to quantify, but this quiz does just that.
Baby Names: The Bible
Not as many people are naming their kids 'God' these days.
The Pope's Name Is My Name Too II!
Name the famous person who shares their first name with a Roman Catholic Pope.
Hindu Mythology
Can you answer these Hindu Mythology questions?
Greek or Roman Gods by Symbol
We have to say, some of these Greek gods had pretty cool symbols. Except for Juno.
The Big Board: Greek Mythology
Zeus is on the loose!
Notable Popes
Match the Pope with something notable from his reign.
The Twelve Apostles
Does anyone else have trouble saying the word 'apostle'? It's a tough one!
Seven Deadly Sins
We knew Se7en would come in handy for something...
Greek Mythology Bunker
Ace this quiz, else you incur the wrath of the gods.
► Popes of the 20th and 21st century
Name the Roman Catholic Popes of the 20th and 21st century.
Norse Gods
Succeed at this test or your own personal Ragnarök will signal the end of your quiz dominating ways.
Biblical Figure by Biography Title
When you really think about it, the Gospels are basically a biography of Jesus.
Christianity A-Z Definitions
Can you choose the Christianity related words which fit these definitions from A to Z?
Badly Drawn Greek Gods
Religious imagery is hard to pull off.
20 Questions Wrong: Religion
Being wrong usually isn't a good thing, but we like to do things a little different at Sporcle.
Sign of the Cross in Latin
Don't worry. We won't make you sit down and stand up like in Mass.
Deadly Sins and Virtues Match-Up
This quiz is brought to you by the Roman Catholic Church.
Who Am I? Religious Figures
Just have faith that you'll do well on this quiz.
Biblical 'S' Scramble
Has anyone else ever wondered why Bible pages are so much thinner than the pages in other books?
Family of Abraham
Name the relatives of Abraham from the bible.
Name a Bible Book
When you get this many Bible books together, they're sure to find they have a few things in common.
Plagues of Egypt (Redux)
They took care of things a little differently in the Old Testament...
Match 'Em Up Blitz - Greek Mythology
There's mixed loyalties up on Mount Olympus.
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