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Mixed Religious Symbols
Imagine some of the holy shrines and landmarks if these religions blended together.
Kings, Priest and Prophets
Can you choose the Kings, Priest and Prophets?
Greek, Norse, or Egyptian God?
If we ever find out that Greek gods actually invented gyros, we're definitely converting.
Buddhism Facts
Pick the Buddhism Facts.
Kingdoms - OT History Map
Kingdoms - OT History Map?
Greek Gods
Since inventing democracy, those guys have been...coasting.
Old Testament or New Testament Bible Books
Need some help on Bible quizzes? I Noah guy.
Who's That Greek God?
If you ever come across a Greek god, it wouldn't be a good idea to admit that you don't recognize them.
Largest World Religions
John Lennon may have imagined there was no religion, but if that was the case, then this quiz would be a lot shorter.
Find Five: Bible Characters
Pick the five characters from the Bible that fit into each category.
The Four Gospels
The original Fab Four.
Old or New Testament
What happened to the middle testament?
The Only One: Books of the Bible
Of the twelve books of the Bible listed, can you pick the only one to meet the specified criterion?
True or False Blitz: Religion
Break out your Bible, keep handy your Koran, and take your Torah off the bookshelf.
Greek Gods Logic Puzzle
This is one wacky family.
Bible Books - Old Testament
Don't worry Old Testament, you're not old, you're just very mature.
10 Commandments in order
Pick the 10 Commandments in order.
Greek & Roman God Match-Up
The family tree for these gods is very complicated.
Bible Books - New Testament
It's very brave to call something that's over 2,000 years old 'New'.
Popes by First Letter Blitz
Can you name any Roman Catholic Pope whose name begins with a given letter of the alphabet, so that every other Pope whose name starts with that letter triggers a correct answer? Regnal numbers are not necessary.
Religion Sixes
Six of one religious question, half a dozen of another.
World Map of Religions
If you want to take a religious tour of the world, now you know where to go.
Baby Names: The Bible
Not as many people are naming their kids 'God' these days.
Greek Mythology Bunker
Ace this quiz, else you incur the wrath of the gods.
Roman Gods
We're starting to wonder if the stories about Roman Gods are factually accurate.
The 10 Acts of Sunan al-Fitrah
Pick the 10 acts of fitrah (a natural disposition toward what is good and true) according to Sahih Muslim while avoiding the decoys.
States with the Most Mosques
Name the U.S. states with the most mosques.
Bible Decisions: Genesis
Sometimes we think of so many puns, we aren't Abel to choose just one.
SPORCLE in the Bible
Sporcle's in the second book, right?
Islamic Country Click
It's the world's second largest religion, but do you know where all its followers are?
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