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Figure Out the Lyrics VI
98% of people who say they prefer the original version of this song have never heard it.
50 Hits to Click: 1990
When you think about it, clicking is kind of like hitting your mouse.
Name That Rapper
DJ Sporcle spins up many new quizzes every day, only some of which are as funky as this one.
Billy Joel's 'She's Always a Woman'
Slow down, relax, and let it all out.
True or False? - Kpop
Name the True or False? - Kpop.
Top Artists HOT 100 50th Anniversary
Name the top 100 artists on the Billboard Hot 100 (singles, 1959-2008).
Beatles Songs (Studio Album Tracks)
We'd tell you to load all these up in iTunes and give a listen, but Apple and the Beatles can't quite seem to ...come together.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics VII
Those Disney songs sure are catchy, of course it helps if you know what they are.
80s New Wave Songs IV
Can you pick five songs performed by each new wave band?
80s New Wave Collage
Name the musicians (or bands they were members of) depicted in M. Lineham's 'Saturday Morning New Wave?'.
K-pop Song Title Match-Up
Match the two parts of these K-pop songs.
Musicians in the Studio
Hey, look at that! Musicians actually making their own music!
Which Band Member? II
Can you choose the correct band or group member from each set of images?
The Vamps lyrics
Name The Vamps songs from the first line.
First Word Band Names II
Picking a band name seems stressful, maybe they should go one word at a time.
One-Hit Wonder by Song Title (2000s)
Pick the artist by its only Billboard Top 40 hit (all songs charted in the 2000s).
Eminem or Tupac?
Can you guess whether the song is by Eminem (E), Tupac Shakur (T) or neither (N)?
Chris Brown or Drake?
Can you guess whether the song is by Chris Brown (B), Drake (D) or neither (N)?
101 Song 'B' Words
I got 99 problems, but a B ain't one.
BTS Logic Puzzle
Fill each box with the fitting answer.
BTS & GOT7 Murder Mystery Quiz
Can you find the murderer?
BTS, GOT7 & EXO members (Picture click)
Can you pick all members?
BTS Quiz
BTS Quiz
Do you know NCT Dream?
Pick the right NCT Dream member.
BTS fill in the blank
can you fill in the blanks to these BTS questions?
Odd Song Out: Kpop
It's amazing that these songs can be so catchy, even when you have no idea what they're saying.
First Word Beatles Song Titles
All we are saying, is give these a chance.
Kpop Group Logic Quiz
Can you solve the Kpop Group Logic Quiz?
Are you really BTS army ?
Name the Are you really BTS army .
101 Song 'A' Words
Settle down and get comfortable, you'll be here a while.
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