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Sporcle is not in the Title (Songs)
Can you choose the word that was replace by Sporcle in each song title?
Ruined By A Letter: Songs (2000s)
As long as the notes are all right, it should be fine.
... and ____
Can you choose the word(s) that follow and?
Not My Album Chain II
Can you choose the album that each artist did not record in in this 15-link chain?
Always, Forever, Now or Never Songs
"Sometimes, for a while, maybe on Thursdays" doesn't evoke the same drama.
Know the Kpop Main Dancers
Do you know the Kpop Main Dancers?
Top 10 Musical Dreams
Can you answer the question about these 10 Billboard hot 100 top 10 hits with the word Dream in the title?
5 by 5 Musicians
If we got all these musicians in a room together and had them write a song, we'd probably get the best song ever made.
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'S'
"When I'm no longer rapping, I want to open up an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg."
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'F'
Now here's a quiz that demands respect.
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'D'
Say their names, say their names.
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'B'
These musicians are the best of the best.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics VIII
Let's see how quickly you come up with this classic Disney song.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics X
We're not sure what makes Disney songs so good, but they sure are fun to sing along with.
Panic! at the Disco Song Titles in Lyrics
There's A Good Reason These Quizzes Are Numbered, Honey....
Twenty One Pilots Songs by Lyric
Pick the Twenty One Pilots songs by lyric.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics XI
Chances are this song has been stuck in your head more than once.
Classic Rock Sorting Gallery
Let there be rock... and not the sedimentary kind, either.
'Wonderwall' Lyrics by Oasis
You've never seen a lyrics quiz like this before.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 1)
I thought for sure that yeah yeah yeah would be on here.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 3)
Apparently all you need is love and eight minutes of guessing.
EXO Discography (KPop)
We've spent too many years thinking Kpop was an off-brand of microwave popcorn. That ends today.
Figure Out the Lyrics V
The first step in getting this song in your head, is to figure out what it is.
Twenty One Pilots Songs
Not to be all judgy, but do you really need 21 pilots in one plane?
Can u name all KPOP groups name by 1 member name
Name the Can u name all KPOP groups name by 1 member name.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics XIV
Good luck getting this out of your head.
Metallica Songs
I thought I would do better on this quiz considering I had downloaded all of these songs off of Napster just a few years ago.
VH1's 100 Songs ('80s)
Rick Astley is not on this quiz and that just seems so..very...wrong.
Beatles Songs (Studio Album Tracks)
We'd tell you to load all these up in iTunes and give a listen, but Apple and the Beatles can't quite seem to ...come together.
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