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BTS Trivia!
BTS Trivia!
Song Title Hijinks! (1970s)
Make 70's glam mullets great again!
Can you reach the top level of the QUEEN CHALLENGE Quiz?
BTS Members: Older or Younger
Do you know the age order of BTS?
10 to 1: Classic Rock Songs
Commencing countdown, it's time to rock.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics VIII
Let's see how quickly you come up with this classic Disney song.
Pixelated Album Covers
These album covers are really great, trust us.
Kendrick Lamar Songs
Sit down. Be humble.
4 Second Music Challenge
So good you may have to play it a 'second' time.
Disney Lyrics: Let It Go
Frozen is the talk of the town right now. If this song doesn't inspire you, we don't know what will.
50 Hits to Click: 1983
Be thankful that this isn't a picture quiz featuring all the 1983 hairdos of these artists.
Music Clip Challenge
Name that tune...quickly!!!
'Jailhouse Rock' Lyrics
Seems like a seriously lenient warden at this jail.
50 Hits to Click: 1975
All you have to do is look at their hair to know this is a '70s quiz.
Divided Artists
We're not talking double-life a la Hannah Montana here.
Lennon/McCartney - Who Wrote It?
"Songwriting is about getting the demon out of me. It's like being possessed." - John Lennon
The Beatles or Rebecca Black?
It's Friday, and you probably know what to do next.
Beatles Songs (Studio Album Tracks)
We'd tell you to load all these up in iTunes and give a listen, but Apple and the Beatles can't quite seem to ...come together.
Name the ‘Park’ (Kpop Girl Group)
Name the girl group member with the last name Park.
BTS Discography
Complete BTS's Discography.
Bands That Shouldn't Play Together II
Pick the less-than-pleasant word pairings that match the missing words from the band names.
The Sound of What?
Pick the correct words to complete the rhyming lines in 'The Sound of Silence' by Simon and Garfunkel.
👹 Self Titled Albums IV [Picture Click]
Pick the Self Titled Albums by each Band or Artist? *.
Bands and Groups by Image A-Z
If you don't do well, you may want to take some notes.
Do you know all the nct members?
Do you know all the nct members?
Pop Songs by First Lines (2017)
You only get one chance at a first impression.
How Many Members are in the Kpop Group?
Can you Guess how Many Members are in the Kpop Group??
Can you guess my kpop group bias?
Kpop Logic Quiz (Easy)
Logic quiz based of 2017 groups!
BTS Songs According to Google Translate
Match the BTS song to its Google Translate Title.
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