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Opening Lyrics
We are sorry if this quiz has you singing to your computer for the rest of the day.
Japanese Kpop Idols
Name the Japanese Kpop/k-pop Idols.
Musicals by Album Cover
Perhaps one day we will see Sporcle: The Musical!
Figure Out the Lyrics II
I guess you could say this quiz has questionable taste in music.
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Dedicated to recording the history of some of the best-known and most influential artists in the the music industry, the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame may be the best thing about Cleveland.
Drinking Songs
All this music is making us thirsty.
10 to 1: Classic Rock Songs
Commencing countdown, it's time to rock.
The Beatles' Songs by Any Word
If you can't remember them all, just let it be.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics XIV
Good luck getting this out of your head.
Justin Bieber or One Direction?
This quiz goes either One Direction or another.
Figure Out the Lyrics VI
98% of people who say they prefer the original version of this song have never heard it.
Kpop groups as cartoons
Name the Kpop groups as cartoons.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics XI
Chances are this song has been stuck in your head more than once.
Sporcle's Easiest Music
It's like the recorder of musical quizzes.
Only One #1 Hit (U.S.)
There are plenty of famous artists who haven't had as many #1 hits as Milli Vanilli.
Figure Out The Secret Artist II
It must be hard to sell records if you keep your name a secret.
Name these kpop idols
Name these kpop idols by their real names.
Seventeen Members
Name the Seventeen Members.
Rivers in Song Lyrics
Pick the correct words to complete these song lyrics.
Climbing Up the Charts
Uh-oh, T. Swift and Kanye are together in the same quiz. This could get awkward.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics VIII
Let's see how quickly you come up with this classic Disney song.
'Wonderwall' Lyrics by Oasis
You've never seen a lyrics quiz like this before.
2000s Lyric Match II
In the 2000's, nobody cared about spelling in song titles because they were all on Myspace or whatever.
US #1 Songs of the Year
They were the biggest hits of the entire year. How hard can it be to name them?
'The' Bands
We were going to put the band named 'The The' on here, but it just seemed kinda silly.
All English Words In Got7 7for7 Album
Name the All English Words In Got7 7for7 Album.
Guess Kpop Solo Songs (Title & Non Title)
Guess Kpop Solo Songs (Title & Non Title)
Who said that in English {BTS version}
Who said what in english?
100 Greatest Singers
I kept typing William Hung, it didn't take it.
10-to-1: Top Ten Hits of the 2000s
Music in the 2000s makes us want to don our plaid shirts and jean mini skirts.
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