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Subcategory Multiple Choice: Music II
Make a choice and then cut a rug.
Gender in Song Titles
Music puns are nothing but treble.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Music
This quizzes includes everything from The Beatles to Kpop.
Pop Song Sorting
Match these songs with the pop artist that performs them.
1970s Lyric Match
We're getting to the stage where people old enough to remember these lyrics are old enough to have forgotten them.
1980s Lyric Match
If you're going to play this quiz, you might want to use a synthesizer to help yourself out.
Beyoncé or Rihanna?
Can we add Mariah Carey in here as well? She has our vote, no matter what this contest is about.
Female Billboard UK or US
Which side of the pond did these songs hit?
1980s Lyric Match II
Don't blame us if you're humming catchy bass riffs for the rest of the day.
Which YG Artists?
Can you choose the YG Artists which has recorded each song?
Guess the BTS song based on the outfits
Name the BTS song based on the promoting outfits.
The Beatles: Penny Lane (Clicky-Oke)
It's in my ears and in my eyes.
7 to 1: Female Artists Top 5 Hits II
Turn back the timer on this quiz.
1970s Lyric Match II
Considering this is a '70s music quiz, there are surprisingly few disco songs here.
Kpop Groups: Boys or Girls?
Once you kpop, you can't k-stop.
Complete the Band Name... With a Picture
We're not sure this is what the bands had in mind when they came up with their names.
You Better Lose Yourself
We recently heard that Eminem is a master at Donkey Kong. We really want to believe that's true.
Guess the Kpop Title Songs By Photo Hints
Name the Kpop Title Songs By Photo Hints.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics II
This song will be probably be in your head the rest of the day...if you can figure out what it is.
2000s Lyric Match
Any decade is a good time to be popular.
Song Titles with 'Eyes'
Pick the correct word to complete these song titles.
Seventeen: Oldest to Youngest
Pick the following Seventeen members in the order of their age.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics
Hey sing along...if you can.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics III
When you wish upon a can use that wish to figure out what this song is.
Why Don't We
How well do you know Why Don't We?
1990s Lyric Match
The '90s were a time when it was important to play music and dress as though you'd just woken up from a nap.
1980s Lyric Match IV
You may want to keep singing after time runs out.
1980s Lyric Match V
Dude, we're totally stoked about this rad quiz!
30 in 60: Music Artists
Hurry! Music waits for no one!
1980s Lyric Match III
These songs DEMAND to be sung with boombox in hand.
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