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Five Decade Movie Medley IV
Good morning, Sporcle!
Same Letter Director/Movie Title (Slideshow)
Don't expect Robert Zemeckis to show up in this one.
Pick the Movie Title Character
If you pick the wrong Lebowski, that's a bummer, man.
Painted Drama Movie Posters
Do we have to paint you a picture?
Movies in Historical Order
Where would "Back to the Future" fit into all of this?
Color Crisis at Pixar
Hue-ston, we have a problem.
That Song in the Movie IV
It's almost impossible to not sing along when watching these movie scenes.
Mean Girls: Which Plastic?
Stop trying to make Mean Girls quizzes happen. It's not going to happen.
Ruined By A Letter: Movies (2000s) II
Just one bad letter can ruin a whole movie.
SPORCLE - Jack Nicholson Movies
Sorry, "As Good as It Gets" just isn't good enough this time around.
Animated Movie Villains by Voice Over Actors
Let's hope these actors aren't as sinister in person.
Heroes, Villains and Actors
The good, the bad, and the dramatic.
Willy Wonka Characters (Picture Click)
If you want to view paradise, it's simply one click away.
2010s Movies A-Z II
Go slowly and you'll do just fine.
5 by 5 Disney Animals
No wonder one of their parks is called Animal Kingdom.
Best Picture First Letter Blitz
Even if you only know a few Best Picture winners, you can still do pretty well here.
Pick the Brad Pitt Movie
Time to make a Pitt stop.
Quick Pick: Jodie Foster Movies
Hello Clarice. Or, um, Jodie.
Two-Word Movie Quotes
Even the shortest quotes can be memorable.
Best Actor, Best Picture, Both, or Neither
Some films just hog all the awards.
Liam Neeson: Movie Quick Click
This quiz requires a particular set of skills. That is, clicking on things very quickly.
Silent Characters
Some of these characters are silent but deadly.
Disney Character Speaking
Some quizzes are worth melting for.
24 Movie Posters with Close-Ups
All right, Mr. DeMille, we're ready for our closeup.
25 Movie Quotes from 2012
"Yeah, have Ernest Hemingway call us and apologize to us too."
Disney Movie By Professions
It's nice work if you can get it.
Golden Globe to Oscar Transition
You could melt down one award and recast it into the other, but winning both is easier.
Star Wars Universe: Yoda
Everywhere, Yoda is.
Actors 5 Movie Click
You must be doing something right if Hollywood calls you back four more times.
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