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Pixar Movies
Good luck spelling the one with the cooking rat!
Movie Posters
At one point we had taken to wallpapering our house with movie posters, since marriage these are now relegated to the garage.
Pixar Movies: Oldest to Newest
The first Pixar film was released in 1995. Back then, we thought office lamps were just boring pieces of furniture.
Disney Songs
The hills are alive, with the Sound of....oh, wait, that's not a Disney movie....nevermind.
Movies Bunker
This quiz may provide adequate protection in case of a Roland Emmerich movie.
Disney Animated Movies
Hi-Ho Hi-Ho it's off to Sporcle we go!
Disney Villains
You can't have a a great Disney hero unless they face a worthy Disney villain.
Movie Posters II
If only every movie was as good as its poster.
'Harry Potter' Start to Finish
Can you make it through first year without getting sent back to the Muggle World?
Movie Posters III
It's never a good sign when the poster is more memorable than the movie.
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Oldest to Newest
They need to make a Stan Lee movie where all the superheros make cameos.
Disney Films in 8 Words
We're pretty sure a couple of these describe "The Hangover" as well.
Movie Quotes
Nobody puts Sporcle in a corner!
Disney Animals
We were going to include Stitch, but what the heck is that thing?
Movie Time
Some movies feel like they go on forever, but eventually they all end.
Movie Posters IV
We wish all movies were as great as their posters.
Disney: Oldest to Newest
Out with the old, in with the new.
Click or Be Killed!!!
Don't worry, no one has ever been killed by trivia. As far as we know...
Disney Leading Ladies
Cinderella, Mulan, Snow White and others couldn't be in this quiz due to their eponymous movie titles - can you name these animated ladies that don't have movies named after them?
Seven Dwarfs
We're all for whistling and everything, but whistling while you work would just get irritating after a while.
Movie-Actor Chain
Pick the link in the movie-actor chain.
Animated Movies by Picture
I am not sure if I should be proud or sad that I did better on this quiz than my kids did.
Best Picture Bonanza
We still can't understand how more Paulie Shore movies haven't been nominated.
Movie Posters V
Which is more enduring, the movie or the poster?
Complete the Disney Movie Title
If you don't know these, Mickey will be very disappointed.
Movies by Scene
Think of this quiz as the mini Cliff Notes to these movies.
Star Wars Bunker
You'll need The Force to make it all the way through this bunker.
Disney Princesses
You have to love Disney, you don't really have to BE a princess to be a princess.
Best Picture Oscar Winners Since 1970
The real winner are the audience members who get to leave after this award is presented.
100 Greatest Movie Characters
Incredibly the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is not on this list, we are guessing he is number 101.
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