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100 Worst Movies (2000s)
Many of these movies will get more screen time on Sporcle than they ever did in the theater.
Tom Cruise is always on the run.
Oscar Best Actors
And for best performance by an Actor in a Leading Role...the Oscar goes to - All these guys!!!
Pixar Bunker
Since you've probably seen all these movies multiple times, this should be easy, right?
Best Picture Oscar Winners Since 1970
The real winner are the audience members who get to leave after this award is presented.
Movie Trivia: Space Movies
Match the given IMDB plots with the movies about space below.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Movies
I love the smell of minefields in the morning.
'The Lion King' Start to Finish
If you find yourself falling behind, we ask that you simply Mufasa.
5-Star Movie Quotes
Are you a movie quote guru? Boy do we have the quiz for you!
Finish the Disney Song
If you're not singing your answers as you're typing, you're missing out.
Quick Pick: Write Rhymes in Movie Titles
Pick the correct words to complete these movie titles.
5-Star Box Office Actors
These guys know a thing or 5 about acting.
30 in 60: Disney Characters
Playing this quiz is like fast-forwarding through all of your favorite childhood friends.
Disney Goes to the Dark Side
Won't someone think of the villains?
100 Greatest Movie Characters
Incredibly the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is not on this list, we are guessing he is number 101.
'Harry Potter' Start to Finish VIII
This is how it all ended.
30 in 60: Disney Songs
60 seconds isn't even enough time to sing a single Disney song.
AFI Top 100
Battlefield Earth, Freddie got Fingered, and Howard the Duck did not make this list, but we are sure that is just an oversight on AFI's part.
Finish the Best Picture Title
Now we just need a competition for best Best Picture Title.
Movie Posters VI
Why don't they just start making the posters in 3D too?
Movies by Innocent Description
Pick the Otherwise Serious Movies by Their Innocent Description.
Actors by Their Hated Movies’ Roles
Pick the actors by their characters, all of which were in a film the actors hated doing.
Fantastic Beasts Logic Puzzle
Can you correctly place the characters and creatures from the first Fantastic Beasts movie on the grid?
Which Famous Director?
Can you choose the right Director for each film? Pick from Kubrick, Eastwood, Scorsese, Cameron or Spielberg
Harry Potter Family Relationship Click
If you're not a fan of Harry Potter then there is something Siriusly Ron with you.
Missing Word: Films Set in Schools
Name the word missing from these movies wholly or at least partially set in schools, colleges and universities.
Movies at the Half-Hour Mark (Horror)
It's easy to fall asleep half an hour into a lot of movies, but horror? That takes skill.
Now's your chance to prove that you DO know Jack.
Disney Opening Lines
Disney sure has employed a lot of narrators over the years.
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