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Follow That Line: Back to the Future
Since you're new here, I-I'm gonna cut you a break, today. So, why don't you make like a tree...
Fill-in-the-Blank Movies
It's funny how often movie titles can share a word, but really share nothing else.
Movies by Death Scene II
This quiz might make you feel just a little bit sad.
50 Movies That End in 'E'
E is the vowel you need if you're desperately in search of a comb.
Star Wars 'Bad Feeling' Minefield
Just make sure to have a 'good feeling' when playing this quiz.
Movies by Battle Scene
We wish there were more slappy fights in movies.
Disney Movie Quotes III
Don't quote us on this one, but this could be the best Disney quiz of all time.
Will Smith Needs a Job
Being employed as a Fresh Prince must not pay all that well.
Martin Scorsese Movie Search
'Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out.' -Martin Scorsese
Disney Movie Quotes
We can bet you've seen these movies multiple times, so messing up is not an option.
Disney/Pixar Villain Match
We've never seen a more wretched hive of clicks and villainy.
Movies of 1997
Let us take you back to 1997, a simpler time when you had to turn off the Internet to use your phone.
'R' Film Characters
'R' names are more than a fad because they're so rad and we're not even mad.
'J' Film Characters
These 'J' film characters are just what the doctor ordered.
AFI 100 Years 100 Laughs
When you see this list you might say, "Surely you can't be serious!"...we are serious and don't call us Shirley.
Disney Goes to the Dark Side
Won't someone think of the villains?
Star Wars Episodes
Sporcle surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. Can you give us the episode names of the Star Wars Movies?
LOTR Prologue
For such a long movie, this is a relatively short beginning.
Movies Bunker
This quiz may provide adequate protection in case of a Roland Emmerich movie.
Every single Academy Award Best Director Nominee EVER
Name the Academy Award Best Director Nominees.
Movies by Poster (A-Z)
This quiz is like an eye exam for movie buffs!
Star Wars: Close-Up
You really don't want to get this close to a Wookiee.
Adam Sandler Movies
This ex-SNL cast member has been pretty solid at the box office for the past 10+ years. That's worth something, right?
Every Single Best Actor Nominee
How Pauly Shore missed this list is beyond our comprehension.
Brad Pitt Movies
We are guessing that secretly Angelina Jolie still pines for Billy Bob Thornton but at least Brad has more movies under his belt. Do you know them all?
Movie Title Bar and Line Graphs
Just when you thought that graphs couldn't get any more fun.
Song by Movie Scene
In order to verify this quiz, we had to recreate each and every one of these scenes at Sporcle HQ. It wasn't pretty.
Twins in Movies
Suddenly we're seeing double.
Tough Disney Film Quotes
'Tough' isn't the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Disney.
Star Wars Characters
While there are literally thousands of potential characters in the Star Wars movies, most of them are just clones.
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