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5 by 5 Harry Potter Characters
Don't try to weasley your way out of playing this quiz.
Harry Potter at the Box Office
Can you order the 'Harry Potter' films from highest to lowest grossing at the global box office?
'#' Movies by Picture
Movies ain't nothing but a number.
1980s Movies A-Z III
Can you name each of these 1980s movies from A-Z?
3 Flops, 1 Actor
These actors are just flopping around all over the place.
Harry Potter Characters by Image
It's a good thing He-who-must-not-be-named can still be typed.
James Bond Movies
This quiz is best played with a martini (shaken, not stirred)
Pick the Leonardo DiCaprio Movie
At least he finally has an Oscar.
Movie Cast Match (2016)
How many trips to the movie theater did you make last year?
Stan Lee Marvel Cameos
We like to imagine Stan Lee as a superhero named Cameo Man, whose only goal is to steal the spotlight from established actors.
Best Picture Bonanza
We still can't understand how more Paulie Shore movies haven't been nominated.
Best Picture Oscar Winners Since 1970
The real winner are the audience members who get to leave after this award is presented.
Star Wars Characters
While there are literally thousands of potential characters in the Star Wars movies, most of them are just clones.
Finish the Famous Movie Quote
Quotes just don't sound good without their final _____.
Movie Cast Match (2008)
Just think of this as an opportunity to make your own casting decisions.
Star Wars Episodes
Sporcle surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. Can you give us the episode names of the Star Wars Movies?
'Cinderella' Start to Finish
Can you make it to the ball?
25 Movie Quotes from 2012
Here are 25 movie quotes from the year 2012. Can you pick which movies they came from?
'B' Movie Characters
'B' characters don't necessarily make 'B' movies.
Movies by Actor (A-Z)
It's much easier to learn the alphabet than the actor's names.
That Song in the Movie
Singing along is optional.
That Song in the Movie II
Movie songs ain't no passing craze.
10 to 1 Movie Countdown
There's so much violence in movie quizzes these days.
Movies by Scene
Think of this quiz as the mini Cliff Notes to these movies.
'A' Movies by Picture
Important for those who like to alphabetize their DVD collection.
Actor Names in Movie Titles
It's kind of like reading a movie poster with the words out of order.
Missing Name: 1927/1928 Oscar Nominees (Clickable)
Pick the correct name to complete these 1st Academy Awards nominees for acting and direction (winners marked with an asterisk *).
Movie Cast Match (2015)
2015 was not a bad year for movies!
Avengers: Infinity War - The Infinity Stones
Infinity Gauntlet not included.
AFI Top 100
Battlefield Earth, Freddie got Fingered, and Howard the Duck did not make this list, but we are sure that is just an oversight on AFI's part.
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