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30 Highest Grossing Actors
These actors' movies have made so much money they might as well start their own bank.
Follow That Line: Newsies
Pick the line that follows the given dialogue from the movie Newsies.
Movie Grab Bag Slideshow III
You'd be surprised by what these movies have in common.
The Main Character Dies!
In case you didn't guess it from the title...spoiler alert!
20 Movie Mistakes
Even movies make mistakes.
Best Supporting Actress Nominated Movies (1960-2015)
Name the movies which received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar Nomination? (1960-2015).
'80s Movie Title Match-Up
Oh hey '80s, we didn't see you there hidden among all of these amazing movies!
Missing Movie Trios
This isn't about movie trilogies, and we'll take that as a good thing.
Morgan Freeman Movies Without Morgan Freeman
Happy Birthday to Morgan Freeman, who turns 79 years old today.
Headless Animated Movie Slideshow
These characters probably just have their head in the clouds.
Big Five Oscar Nominations (2000s)
Name the films of the 2000s which were nominated in any of the 'Big Five' categories at the Academy Awards.
A-Z of Toy Story
Name the A-Z of Toy Story.
Were These Movie Characters Real?
So it's actually true that Abraham Lincoln fought vampires? Now that's something.
Movie by Opening Line
Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career....
Follow That Line: National Treasure
Pick the dialog that follows the given line from: National Treasure.
Follow That Line: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Pick the dialog that follows the given line from: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
Movie Title Definitions
You know what movie really needs some dictionary help? Terminator: Genisys. What's the deal with that!?
Indiana Jones is EVERYWHERE!
We're definitely okay with the idea of Harrison Ford hiding around every corner.
101 Movie 'D' Words
We can only imagine how much dog food 101 dogs go through each day.
101 Movie 'C 'Words
If you've seen all of these movies you might need a hobby. Might we suggest sight-'C'-ing?
Top Grossing 'B' Movies
Top grossing bee movies would be a much shorter list.
Tom Cruise Movies by Poster
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to name each of these movies.
Movies Cut Off at S
It's like making it halfway through the movie and then having the projector cut out.
101 Movie 'A' Words
These movies deserve an A+ in our book.
Blitz: Name an Actress Who...
We're not sure where these actresses are going, but they're getting there fast.
5-Star Actresses II
Our favorite actress is still Jack Lemmon in drag.
Big Movie Casts
Sometimes it takes a really big cast to make a movie work.
5-Star Actors V
You might want to put on some sunglasses before playing this quiz, just in case.
Follow That Line: Armageddon
Pick the line that follows the given dialogue from 'Armageddon'.
Blitz: Name an Actor Who...
Don't spend all your time thinking about how good looking these actors are.
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