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'Gone Girl' Start to Finish
Can you choose the events of Gone Girl in order?
'Jurassic Park' Start to Finish
Dinosaurs are cool and all, but we're not sure Jurassic Park is worth the risk.
What Movie Is That From?
Remember that one movie where that person said that one thing?
That Song in the Movie
Singing along is optional.
'Groundhog Day' Events in Order
OK campers, rise and shine!
Horror Movie Title Match-Up
Without context, some of these movies seem downright hilarious.
Honest Movie Trailers
Someone has to tell it like it really is.
Movie Posters IV
We wish all movies were as great as their posters.
25 Movie Quotes from 2018
Here are 25 Movie Quotes from the year 2018. Can you pick which ones they came from?
'The Karate Kid' Start to Finish
Can you choose the events of The Karate Kid in order?
Actors By Movie 7-to-1: 2012
Can you match each actor to the correct 2012 film in which they appeared?
'Star Wars: Episode I' Start to Finish
It's alright if you do poorly because you always just wanted to fast forward to the parts with Darth Maul.
The Last: Movies
Can you choose the last Movie fact?
Avengers Logic Puzzle
Can you find all of the official Avengers without making a mistake?
John Wayne Movies
The Duke appeared in more than 100 films from 1930-1976.
Actors By Movie 7-to-1: 2016
Can you match each actor to the correct 2016 film in which they appeared?
Movie Titles Said in Other Movies
Movies just love to name drop.
Movie Posters VI
Why don't they just start making the posters in 3D too?
Famous Actors 'Chris' 10 - 1
Match the famous chris's to their films.
Which Harry Potter Movie? (Snape)
Can you pick which Harry Potter Movie these photos of Snape are from?
'Frozen' Start to Finish
Do you want to build a snowman?
AFI Top 100
Battlefield Earth, Freddie got Fingered, and Howard the Duck did not make this list, but we are sure that is just an oversight on AFI's part.
Odd One Out: MCU Scenes
Can you identify the scene that is NOT from the given MCU film?
Movie Titles: Plants, Trees and Flowers
Complete the title of these movies that have plants, trees or flowers in the title.
An Ode to Movie Characters
Can you identify the iconic movie characters from these short poems about them?
Famous Movie Henchmen
Even the most maniacal villains need friends.
Franchise Character Countdown
As long as box office figures hold strong, these characters will stick around.
'Toy Story' Toys
"There's a snake in my boot!"
Toy Story 2 Poster
Name the characters on the Toy Story 2 Poster.
'Birdman' Start to Finish
Can you choose the events of Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) in order?
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