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Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Star Wars
Just don't go looking for answers in Alderaan places.
Star Wars 'Bad Feeling' Minefield
Just make sure to have a 'good feeling' when playing this quiz.
7-Letter Movies Slideshow
Short, sweet, and to the point. Basically the opposite of some of these film plots.
Horror Movie Posters
Don't be scared, but these posters are a bit freaky!
Movie Villain Quote Match
The villains always get the coolest lines, of course, then they usually die.
One-Word Animated Films
We love it when movie titles just get straight to the point.
3 Films, 1 Actor, 1 Year III
These actors must have had a busy year.
'Harry Potter' Start to Finish
Can you make it through first year without getting sent back to the Muggle World?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Disney
Can you sort the Disney related terms into their categories (movies, locations, animals, villains, princesses) before time runs out?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Movies
Can you sort the movie terms into their categories (Male Actors, Actresses, Disney Films, Movie Characters, Best Picture Winners) before time runs out?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Pixar
Can you sort the Pixar related terms into their categories before time runs out?
Movie Posters
At one point we had taken to wallpapering our house with movie posters, since marriage these are now relegated to the garage.
'Beauty and the Beast' Typing Challenge
Can you really blame Belle for going into the West Wing?
30 in 60: Disney Characters
Playing this quiz is like fast-forwarding through all of your favorite childhood friends.
Find the Missing Food and Drinks in Movies, Part 2
Can you click on the correct food or drink that completes each movie title?
Animated Movies of the Last 25 Years
It's pretty clear computer animation has improved over the last 25 years.
Movie by Difficulty XII
Why do these movies have to be so difficult all the time?
6-Letter Movies Slideshow
Short, to-the-point, easy to fit on movie posters. We like it.
Full Names In Movie Titles
Talk about putting your whole self into a movie role.
Pixar Movies
Good luck spelling the one with the cooking rat!
101 Movie 'F' Words
I wonder what we'll do when we get to '101 Movie 'Q' Words'.
Action Movie Posters
It's no fair that action movies get so many sequels.
Disney Animated Movies
Hi-Ho Hi-Ho it's off to Sporcle we go!
Comedy Movie Posters
These posters are hilarious. No, really!
Movie Posters II
If only every movie was as good as its poster.
Disney Songs
The hills are alive, with the Sound of....oh, wait, that's not a Disney movie....nevermind.
Comedies of the Last 25 Years
Here at Sporcle we're still trying to make 'fetch' happen.
Almost Useless Movie Trivia XIII
Is any trivia really 'useful'?
Star Wars Character by Quote
For a galaxy so far away, they sure do have a lot of dialog.
'80s Movie Title Match-Up
Oh hey '80s, we didn't see you there hidden among all of these amazing movies!
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