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Country, Food, TV Show, or Element
Why not a TV show about the periodic table that features only food?
Can you click the space bar 300 times in 1 minute?
Can you click the space bar 300 times in 1 minute?
15 in 15: Fruit
Every now and then we gotta fix up our diets.
Symmetric Crossword IX
You probably won't get the same effect by slapping a mirror onto the middle of your screen.
15 in 15: Hard Liquor
Pick the 15 spirits (high alcohol volume drinks) in 15 seconds.
Find the Product Mascots
Just in case you need a last-minute Halloween costume idea.
15 in 15: Veg
Pick the 15 vegetables in 15 seconds.
Two by Seven
It's not a weird math expression, it's about words. We promise.
UK Pub Quiz: From Across the Pond
Sorry we can't fly over right now, but here's something to keep you occupied.
Products by Slogan: A to Z
There's someone out there who basically speaks in these slogans, we know it.
2013 Baby Names: Boy or Girl?
At least none of these is a weird symbol like Prince adopted in the 90s.
How Many Times can you Press the K Key in 30 Seconds?
How Many Times can you Press the K Key in 30 Seconds?
Corporate Logos
Admit it, you love some of these brands so much you have tattoos of their logos.
What Kitchen Gadget Is This?
Know what'll make you a better cook? Buttons. Buttons on everything.
Click the Car Logos
It's OK if you miss a few of these...you were probably busy watching the road.
Clickable Matching Pairs
This quiz just may leave you seeing patterns everywhere.
Any Food but Vegan
We are not here to judge, but how do vegans find joy in life...
19 in 90
Name the 19 in 90.
Corporate Logos II
Corporate branding works similarly to the livestock variety, but with less burn marks on the skin.
Symmetric Crossword X
Can you fill the Symmetric Crossword X?
Car Logos
You might say that we were driven to make this quiz.
Cuisine Sorting Blitz
Warning: This quiz may make you hungrier than you've ever been.
Sunday Crossword: Sour Notes?
Well sometimes you can really sour the mood by being salty.
Supervocalic Images
Name the things and people pictured below that contain all five vowels exactly once.
Sunday Crossword: Going Retro
Can you fill in the themed crossword filled with old school video games? The circled letters correspond with the names of the colored tiles.
Smallest-to-Largest Minefield
We never thought knowing the exact size of a giraffe would come in so handy.
PepsiCo or No?
This quiz makes us want an ice cold soda.
UK Pub Quiz: Let's Have Another Round
There's always time for additional rounds ad infinitum.
Apple Rainbow Logo Color Click
If Apple made a car, would it have Windows? Discuss.
Also a Car's Name
Can you choose which of the two given things is also a brand, make or model of an automobile?
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