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Harry Potter logic puzzle: The Hogwarts Soap Opera
Difficult: can you fill in the squares containing Harry Potter characters based on school gossip? Read the 'How to Play' first.
Harry Potter Chain: Deathly Hallows
Hallowed be thy Potter quizzes.
Harry Potter Top 200
For someone who often goes by 'He Who Must Not Be Named' he is sure mentioned a lot in the books.
Which Hogwarts House? (Clickable)
If the Sorting Hat were a character in Harry Potter, who would figure out what house he belonged in?
Harry Potter Bunker
We solemnly swear we are up to no good.
Find Five: American Lit
Pick the five book titles for each American author.
Harry Potter Name Chain
Don't break the chain!
Harry Potter Deaths in Order Minefield
'You think the dead we love ever truly leave us?' -Albus Dumbledore
ASOIAF Criteria Dead Characters
Pick the dead characters of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' that fit the criteria.
16 Little Harry Potter Pictograms
So little they'd fit under the stairs.
A Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
When has Harry ever acted logically?
Find Five: Brit Lit
If you're not confident in your British literature, this quiz might be a Comedy of Errors for you.
Criteria Authors
Do you possess the right criteria to become a world famous author?
Hogwarts Students Logic Puzzle
Can you put the Hogwarts students in the correct boxes?
Find Five: 19th Century Lit
This is kind of like exploring an old library from the 19th century, only not really.
Missing Word: Birds in Literature
Can you fill in the missing bird related word for each of these book titles?
Harry Potter Chain: Sorcerer's Stone
We're siriusly done with the Harry Potter jokes.
Harry Potter Minefield
Watch your step.
Harry Potter A-Z
I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good...
Harry Potter Chain: Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter puns: They can Slytherin to any conversation.
Harry Potter Character Name Mix-Up
Siriusly, we need to stop making Harry Potter puns.
Find Five: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lit
Pick the five book titles for each sci-fi or fantasy author.
Books by Three Clues
Pick the correct book when given three one-word clues.
The Harry Potter 'Periodic Table'
If you make it through this entire quiz without breaking a sweat, you really must be an insufferable know-it-all.
A Song of Ice and Fire Logic Puzzle
'Weese, Dunsen, Chiswyck, Polliver, Raff the Sweetling. The Tickler and the Hound. Ser Gregor, Ser Armory, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, King Joffrey, Queen Cersei.'
Harry Potter Chain: Half-Blood Prince
Blood as a metaphor for ancestry is kinda weird. A self-given nickname is very weird.
Harry Potter logic puzzle: Forensics Investigation
Difficult: Can you fill in the squares containing Harry Potter characters who suffered untimely deaths? Read the 'How to Play' first.
Harry Potter Chain: Goblet of Fire
The Weird Sisters rule!
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