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Missing Word Crossword: Classic Literature
Can you fill in the crossword with words taken from the titles of works of classic literature?
In Flanders What?
Pick the correct words to complete the rhyming lines in John McCrae's moving poem: 'In Flanders Fields'.
Children's Books by Socks
But the socks are for adults.
Click in the Blank: 2018 YA Titles
Complete the titles of these 2018 YA books by clicking the correct blanks.
Finish the Famous Draco Malfoy Quote
Someone out there liked him better as a ferret.
Pick the ASOIAF POV Character
Pick the character who has had a chapter told from their point-of-view in A Song of Ice and Fire.
Book of the Film: Fantasy
The last one is the Final Fantasy.
Harry Potter Characters by Limerick II
Name the Harry Potter characters described by each Limerick.
Just Be Close: Literature Edition
Close only counts when using horseshoes as bookends.
Quick Pick: Easter in Book Titles
Pick the Easter word to complete these book titles.
Agatha Christie Book: Any Word A-Z
Time to investigate the writings of The Queen of Crime.
Hunger Games Simpsonized
Name the Simpsonized Hunger Games characters.
Literature Venn Diagram
Can you match each literary work to its correct Venn diagram segment?
Prepositions in Poem Titles
Pick the correct prepositions to complete the titles of these poems.
Isogram Blitz: Writers
Isogram is technically an isogram, and that's pretty autological.
Quick! How Many Missing Letters? (Books)
In just 2 minutes, can you pick the number of letters in the missing word from each of the 20 book titles?
Quotes From Quotes: Harry Potter
It's like reassembling the first page by cutting up all the other pages.
Quick Pick: Places in the Shire
Pick the the places in J.R.R. Tolkien's Shire from the decoys elsewhere in Middle Earth.
Books Missing 'H' Words
Imagine trying to read an entire book with all the H words missing.
Figure Out The Classic Novel
Name the novel with no hint whatsoever by determining words in the first paragraph of the novel.
Prepositions in Play Titles
Prepositions may not be the stars, but they play a supporting role in these titles.
Follow That Line: The Mortal Instruments City of Bones
Pick the next line from these quotes from 'The City of Bones'.
Literature Set In Europe
Match the titles and plot descriptions of the literature set (at least partially) in Europe.
Sporcle Categorical Literature
It's best to do this quiz by the book.
Celebrities In Every Subcategory (Literature)
Can you answer the questions from every Literature subcategory where the answer is the surname of a celebrity? [See Game Note]
Narnia Alphabet Mine Soup
Can you spell out the missing words from the titles of books of the 'Chronicles of Narnia' series the in order from the Alphabet Soup?
'A' Authors Multiple Choice
Can you choose the correct book title for each author?
10 to 1: Children's Books
Say hello to your inner child again.
Anyone But Harry Potter
Name the Harry Potter characters that fit in each category except of course, Harry Potter himself.
Quick Pick: Fantasy Novel By Plot
Pick the correct fantasy novel when given its plot.
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