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Literature: Blank & Blank
Hopefully we can get Filled in Blank & Filled in Blank afterwards.
Book Covers Sharing a Word
If they share words, does this mean they also share plots and characters?
Obscure Knowledge - Dumbledore's Army
If a country could just hire wizards to make up an army, their defense budget would probably go way down.
Missing Word Crossword: Children's Books
If you have kids, you've probably read these aloud a few hundred times each.
Harry Potter: Cluedo Murders
The killing curses are flying all over the place in here.
Shakespeare Plays: 'A' Words in Titles
Did the Bard have any plays about alligators or avalanches?
Trimmed Authors
It's all about the facial hair, right?
Somewhere in the Middle (Books)
Hopefully we're not too close to the beginning or the end...
Who Wrote That 'F' Book?
And we're waiting for at least one of these authors to write another one...
Pick the Harry Potter First Name - B
Some characters are more Sirius than others.
Rupert Bear or Beatrix Potter
Are they the same? No. Will we still double check because we second guess ourselves a lot? Yes.
5 in 15: The Hunger Games Characters
Alright but were the odds ever in their favor?
Women Authors Acrostic
Well, which woman wrote what?
Fair & Square: Authors
We'll go with 'Unfair & Circular' next time.
Let's Play Quidditch
Luna is probably in the stands somewhere, rooting for you while wearing a lion hat.
Longest Answer: Shakespeare Comedies
The longest answer is generally not the most efficient one.
Luna Lovegood, This Is Your Life
She's mortal enemies with Solar Hatebad. Trust us we've got insider knowledge.
Dr. Seuss Books by Any Word
We like any quiz where "ham" is one of the answers.
Prepositions in Harry Potter Chapter Titles
Ah, some of the most important -- but most forgettable -- words.
Most Borrowed Books
But are they the most borrowed because all the high schools make you read them?
Anyone but Hermione Granger
Sometimes exclusion builds character. So get out, Hermione.
LogiCrossword: The Fellowship of the Ring
Imagine if instead of walking up a volcano, all they had to do was solve a crossword?
Books Missing 'L' Words
Who even needed those words anyway?
Two Movies, Same Novelist
At some point they should just switch to writing scripts.
Harry Potter Books About the Weasleys
Well, we'd certainly like to hear more about what Arthur's building in his shed.
The 3rd Thing You Need To Know: Novels
Everyone already knows the first and second things. So you should already be with the program.
Book Missing Word Acrostic
We hope none of your books have words missing. That'd be hard to read.
Subcategory Grab Bag: Children's Books
At least they will be fast reads for you?
Altered Book Titles
Dan Aykroyd, what have you been doing to our book titles?
Harry Potter: Chapters in Order - Book 7
Would this be easier or harder with DVD chapter titles instead of book chapters?
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