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Eponymous Shakespeare Plays
We bet they thought these plays were about them.
Choose my Gender
Can you choose the correct gender of these literary characters?
Blackboard Blitz: Novels II
Fix the blackboard by erasing (clicking) all the wrong answers to leave only real novels.
Harry Potter Character by Last Line
This quiz might be a little depressing.
Complete the Book Title... With a Picture
Here is proof that every book would be better with pictures.
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle Stolen Sorting Hat
Name the Harry Potter Logic Puzzle Stolen Sorting Hat.
Books by Their Covers
Finally, you can now judge a book by its cover.
Jane Austen Novels
We hope you have both the pride and sense to finish this quiz.
Harry Potter Mini-Minefields
If you cast the wrong spell, it might be explosive.
Logic Puzzle: Avoid Dumbledore's Army
You are a member of the Inquisitorial Squad and need to deliver an important message to Hogwarts High Inquisitor Dolores Umbridge. Can you find a route to her that avoids all DA members? Read 'How to Play' before pressing play.
LOTR vs Harry Potter
Imitation is the highest form of flattery...right?
Amazon's 100 Children's Books
A kid will be an adult by the time they finish reading all of these.
Double Letter Literature
It's not an elevator, it's a Wonkavator.
First 200 Words: To Kill a Mockingbird
My cats still complain about the lack of practical instructions in this book.
'Harry Potter' Themed Trivia
Harry Potter has finally made its way through all 15 Sporcle categories.
Find Five: Brit Lit
If you're not confident in your British literature, this quiz might be a Comedy of Errors for you.
3-D Literature
Dostoevsky has to be the Kyrgyzstan of literature.
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Characters
Now that you've seen the movie a couple dozen times, lets see how much you remember.
30 in 60: Classic Novels II
Don't dilly dally with this, the time is sure to sneak up on you.
Top 25 Non-Humans in Harry Potter
The fact that some of these characters refer to themselves in the third person will surely help you out.
Hogwarts Typing Challenge
You'll be typing so fast, others will think it's magic.
Agatha Christie Novels
Agatha Christie's novels have been adapted for the small screen, the big screen, the stage, and now, Sporcle.
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle: Chamber of Secrets
The Chamber of Secrets has been opened again. There are a few withnesses of terrible things that happened yesterday. Can you talk to them? One of them might tell you more and help find a murderer. Do you remember what you did yesterday?
Harry Potter Neighbourly Logic Puzzle #6
Some characters list the characters to whom they are adjacent. Others are unable to do so as a result of the Langlock jinx. All rows are either male-only or female-only. Can you put the characters in the correct boxes?
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle: Slughorn and Friends
Can you put Horace Slughorn's acquaintances in the correct boxes?
AQA Power and Conflict Poetry Quotes
Pick the correct Poem for each quote.
Odd One Out: Authors and Novels
These novels are total stand-outs.
Which of the Two... Pieces of Literature
Hopefully you were paying attention in your high school Language Arts class.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Match-Up
Hopefully none of you suffer the same fate that some of these children did.
Harry Potter Books Blitz
The pressure's on, Potter fans!
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