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Finish That Insult: Harry Potter
This quiz could also be titled 'Malfoy & Hermione's Greatest Hits.'
30 in 60: Harry Potter Characters
A quiz full of all your favorite Harry Potter characters. Who could ask for more?
ASOIAF Top 50 Minefield
You know nothing, Jon Snow.
Percy Jackson A-Z
Percy Jackson: the only character who can save the world with a pen.
Harry Potter First Names (A-Z)
We expect you're on a first-name basis with these characters.
Family Ties: A Song of Ice and Fire
Pick the correct family tie between these 'A Song of Ice and Fire' characters*.
Not My Book Chain II
A chain is only as strong as its weakest book.
30 in 60: Classic Novels II
Don't dilly dally with this, the time is sure to sneak up on you.
Hamlet Quotes
Name the speakers of these Hamlet quotes.
Harry Potter Mini-Minefields
If you cast the wrong spell, it might be explosive.
Candide Chapters 16-30
Pick the Candide Chapters 16-30.
Diagon Alley Logic Puzzle
Can you put the shops and other businesses in the correct boxes?
A New Harry Potter Logic Quiz
Can you place all Harry Potter characters into the correct cells?
Harry Potter Chain: Chamber of Secrets
Pick the Harry Potter characters, places, and things based on the previous fact.
Really Long Book Titles and the Authors Who Wrote Them
Can you select the authors of these books with notably long titles?
Sirius Black vs Dementors: Logic Puzzle
Can you find a safe path to Hogwarts for Sirius? Hurry! You don't have much time! Make sure to read 'How to Play' before you press Play.
Literary Character by First Mention
These characters never tire of seeing their names in print.
Young to Old-Minefield (ASOIAF)
Birthdays are important when you might be betrayed at any moment.
Lord of the Rings Rulers Match-up
Middle-Earth just wasn't into democracy.
ASOIAF Top 300 Characters
Don't worry Game of Thrones fans, this quiz is spoiler free.
Profile: Hermione Granger
'Next time thereā€™s a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!' -Hermione
Quotes from Hamlet
Name the character who said each quote from Hamlet.
Lord of the Rings Top 50
Lesson learned: If you are forced to carry the ring around, they will talk about you non-stop!
Harry Potter Things
Whenever we read about Quaffles we always immediately get hungry for waffles.
Harry Potter Logic Extravaganza
Can you solve this HP themed logic puzzle?
Harry Potter Character Sorting Blitz
You'll need more than just spells if you want to make it through this.
Authors 7-to-1
Can you match each author to their correct country of birth?*
Harry Potter Boggart Logic Puzzle
Can you put the witches and wizards in the right squares? Read Parvati's clue to find out what to do!
Dobby's Dilemma: Logic Puzzle
Can you help Dobby find the barrels of Butterbeer Winky has hidden in the kitchens? Read 'How to Play' before you start!
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