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30 in 60: Harry Potter Characters
A quiz full of all your favorite Harry Potter characters. Who could ask for more?
Harry Potter Characters by Limerick
Harry Potter limericks!? Now this is something we can get behind.
Mismatched Literature
Mixing and matching books would make for a very confusing plotline.
Weasley Family Reunion: Logic Puzzle
It's the 2016 Weasley Family Reunion at the Burrow! Can you find each family member? (Read 'How to Play' before you begin.)
ASOIAF Top 300 Characters
Don't worry Game of Thrones fans, this quiz is spoiler free.
Harry Potter Wizarding Families
Family ties are the spells that bind.
ASOIAF Minefield: Order of Death
It's never smart to get too attached to a character on Game of Thrones, you never know how long they'll last.
Anything but Harry Potter
If you don't ace this quiz it's likely you're either a Muggle or a Squib.
20 More Awkward Questions For Fictional Characters
Other than all of these uncomfortable questions, how was this quiz?
Harry Potter Minor Characters
Name these minor Harry Potter characters.
Hogwarts Charms Exam
Technically this is an exam, but charms are a heck of a lot more fun than math.
Harry Potter: Sorting Hat Blitz
What do you think makes the sorting hat look so grumpy? Our guess is that it's wizard dandruff.
The North Logic Puzzle (ASOIAF)
Who will end up on the Iron Throne?
Dumbledore's Army Bunker
"Dumbledore's Army, still recruiting."
True Crime Books Missing a Word
Can you find the missing words in the titles of these notorious true crime books?
Prepositions in Novel Titles II
Pick the correct prepositions to complete the titles of these novels.
Torn Pages: Modern Library Board
Modern librarians hate it when you tear pages. Retro librarians too, actually. Don't do that.
HCHS Works of Tennessee Williams (Extreme)
Name the works of Tennessee Williams.
Harry Potter and the Start of Term
Pick the start of term event from each Harry Potter book.
Missing Books MA - MZ
Name the final words from the literature.
Harry Potter Chapter Titles
Most people can name the book titles, but only the hardcore fans can name the chapters.
Lord of the Rings Top 50
Lesson learned: If you are forced to carry the ring around, they will talk about you non-stop!
Logic Puzzle: The Cluttered House of Black
It's time to clean out the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. Can you put the people and things in the right boxes?
Click the Famous Poets
Click the poet if you know it.
Hogwarts Typing Challenge
You'll be typing so fast, others will think it's magic.
Finish the Famous Dumbledore Quote
Great man, Dumbledore...
Harry Potter Characters by First Line
Too bad none of their first lines were 'Hello, my name is ___.'
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Literature
Can you sort the 100 Literature items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
LOTR vs Harry Potter
Imitation is the highest form of flattery...right?
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