Literature Quizzes

An Utter Farce
Complete the titles of these farcical plays whose Playbill covers are missing a word.
Books Missing 'M' Words
Well sometimes you just need to leave a letter out.
Literature by Retelling
Match the works of classic literature with their retellings/spin-offs.
5 Literature Fivesomes
Name the five things in each of these literature-themed fivesomes.
Quick Pick: Click the Real Authors
Can you select only the names of real writers while avoiding the fictional ones?
Novels Need Numbers
Pick the novels missing these numbers.
Exaggerated Harry Potter
Pick the Harry Potter character who did the thing which is described, when the description is exaggerated.
''French'' in Classic Novels
Can you identify the classic novels and other literary works based on quotations containing the word 'French'?
US Playwright Match-Up
Pick the five plays written by the named playwright.
2010s Author by Cover
Name the authors of these books published in the 2010s.
Story Time
We've saved you a spot in the reading circle with us.
Books by First Page Words
They said never judge a book by its cover, so we judged them by their first pages.
Quick Pick: Cause of Death - Theatre
Can you pick how each character in a play dies?
Harry Potter or the Song of Ice and Fire?
Can you choose whether each character is found in the Harry Potter or the Song of Ice and Fire books?
5 in 15: Tennessee Williams' Plays
Can you correctly pick the five plays by Tennessee Williams in the allotted time while avoiding the decoys?
Rapper or The Hunger Games Character?
Can you separate all The (H)unger Games Characters from the (R)appers?
Real Characters Winning Tony Awards
Pick the characters from real life whose portrayals in Plays won Tony Awards for Acting? Don't forget to avoid those pesky decoys!.
Intersecting Trivia: Literature
We simply need more books written as crosswords.
Books that start 'The Adventures of'
Pick the Books that start 'The Adventures of'.
Prepositions in Non-Fiction Books
Books are generally full of prepositions. In almost every sentence, really.
Last Two/First Two: Literature
Name the Top 100 Harry Potter character when given the last two letters of his/her first name and the first two letters of his/her last name.
Quick Pick: Harry Potter Shared Surnames
Pick the surname shared by the two characters from the Harry Potter series.
Let's Draw a Stage
Can you draw a stage by filling in the Shakespearean quotes?
Trump Talks About Novels
Pick the novels based on what Trump would say about them.
Prophecy of Seven Crossword
Can you fill the first and last names of the seven demigods featured in the Prophecy of Seven, from the Heroes of Olympus series?
Stephen King Books Titled like Friends Episodes
Pick the Stephen King Books if They Were Titled Like Friends Episodes.
Harry Potter: Film to Chapter Match
Can you choose the title of the Harry Potter chapter in which the pictured scene takes place?******
Harry Potter's Magical Creatures Crossword
Can you fill in the various magical creatures from the Harry Potter stories, when given only minimalist clues?
Percy Jackson Items
If you're given a character from the Percy Jackson books, can you find the object they're most associated with?
Play by Act One, Scene One Setup
Pick the right play when given some lines of exposition that set up the first scene.
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