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Harry Potter Surnames
Don't like Harry Potter puns? Too bad, we're Neville gonna stop.
Ringbearers in Lord of the Rings
I've started walking around with no shoes on. But now it's sort of become a Hobbit.
Creatures of the Triwizard Tournament
If you like Harry Potter quizzes, then your cup runneth over.
► 5x5 in 90: Mixed Literature Minefield Blitz
Pick 5 items for each of these categories: J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, Shakespeare, Roman Writer, Greek Writer - without making a mistake.
Harry Potter Hogwarts Students Criteria
Pick the Harry Potter Hogwarts Students that Match all the Criteria.
Harry Potter: Chronologically
If you don't get 100%, just use your Time Turner and try again.
What's Missing? (Harry Potter)
If you get less than 60% on this quiz, we highly recommend taking the rest of the month off to reread the series.
Lord of the Rings Character Minefield
Bella Swan is from Lord of the Rings, right?
Harry Potter Professors Logic Puzzle
Can you find all of the Professors?
Harry Potter: DA Members MEGA Criteria (Book Based)
Pick the DA member that fit all criteria? (Book Based) One criterion disappears in each step. Just one of the characters fits all criteria currently shown. NOTE THE LAST CLUE as it is next to Vanish! It may sometimes help if you remember it....
Stephen King in One Word
These books suddenly seem way less scary when reduced to just one word.
Charles Dickens or William Shakespeare?
Can you guess whether the work is by Charles Dickens (D) or William Shakespeare (S)?
Harry Potter: Head of School Criteria
Pick the correct Headmaster or Headmistress that fit all criteria? (Book Based) One criterion disappears in each step. Just one of the characters fits all criteria currently shown..
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Can you answer these questions about the novel 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Harry Potter
You'll need some Sirius Harry Potter knowledge here.
Harry Potter Family Tree (Picture Click)
Pick the members of the Weasley family tree.
Who said it? Percy Jackson All 10 Books
Pick the Who said it? Percy Jackson All 10 Books.
Harry Potter Safe Cracker
This might be harder to crack than the Chamber of Secrets.
Young Adult Tetralogies
Can you name each book in the six Young Adult tetralogies listed below?
Harry Potter One Book Appearance Only
Choose the only book where each Harry Potter character appears (actually appears, not merely mentioned).
One Subcategory in 15 Categories - Novel
Can you answer these 15 questions about novels, one for each Sporcle category?
Harry Potter Chain: Deathly Hallows
Hallowed be thy Potter quizzes.
Criteria Characters: Clash of Kings POV's
Pick the POV Character from Clash of Kings which fulfill all criteria(See Note).
Infernal Devices Characters
Name the Infernal Devices Characters.
Harry Potter Chapter Titles
Most people can name the book titles, but only the hardcore fans can name the chapters.
Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men Books
Name the Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men Books.
Literature without 'Literature'
Name these books that have had the letters L, I, T, E, R, A, T, U, R, and E removed.
Click 2 Complete: Books
Can you click the final two words (in order) missing from each book title?
One Subcategory in 15 Categories - Shakespeare
Can you answer these 15 questions about William Shakespeare, one for each Sporcle category?
Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom: Logic Puzzle
Can you put the Harry Potter characters in the correct boxes?
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