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10 in a Minute: Harry Potter
Can you give the last name of these Harry Potter characters in just one minute?
Authors A-Z by Quote
Jury's still out on whether or not we sorted the authors or quotes alphabetically.
Vowel-less Book Titles and Authors Match-up
Match the Vowel-less Book Titles and Authors.
Avian Literature
Pick the correct bird which will complete the title of the given poem/novel/play.
Memoir or Novel?
Alright, but what if the memoir was written about a fictional character?
Five Word Ladders: Books
Name the four letter words in each of these book-themed word ladders?*.
20 Awkward Questions For Fictional Characters III
Pick the character that would be asked each question, based on the question.
Spells of the Half-Blood Prince
Name the known spells that Severus Snape recorded in his potions book under the pseudonym 'The Half-Blood Prince'.
Harry Potter: Accio Trivia!
Can you fill the answers to this Harry Potter grid?
Inhuman Literature
Is this like what happens when you set a bunch of monkeys in front of typewriters?
Play Titles Missing Adjectives
Can you choose the adjective missing from these play titles?
Get The Picture: Marple or Poirot
Can you choose whether the literary work featured Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot?
Match the Book to the Film III
This quiz can't stop us because we can't read! Wait...
Story Time II
Pick the books in order of the length of time given in their titles.
Is That in a Shakespeare Title?
Pick the words that can be found within the titles of Shakespeare plays without clicking any decoys.
Authors. Initials. Books. II.
But what if the book ended up becoming a movie...?
Quick Pick 19th Century Books
Pick the 19th Century Books while avoiding the decoys.
Plays Written by Neil Simon
Pick the plays that were written by Neil Simon, avoiding any plays written by other playwrights.
Criteria Quiz: Harry Potter Gryffindors
How well do you know your Gryffindors? Can you pick the Harry Potter Gryffindor character images who fulfill ALL criteria, reducing as you go?
Harry Potter Supply List
Name the items that Harry needs to bring to his first year at Hogwarts, or is forbidden to bring.
Summer Reads
Can you pick if the book title is missing summer or winter?
Summer Book Authors
Pick the book with summer in its title when given its author.
80% Novels
Not quite short stories, but not long enough to be taught in your high school English class.
Film Adaptations Match-Up
Match the Oscar nominated adaptations with their source material of a different title.
Get the Picture: Iliad or Odyssey
Can you choose in which Homeric epic these characters appeared, the Iliad or the Odyssey?
Quick Pick: Hermione Granger Quotes
Pick the Harry Potter book in which Hermione Granger said each quote.
Alpha 9: Harry Potter Surnames
When you are given nine picture of Harry Potter characters , can you order them alphabetically from 1-9 on a grid with the correct combination in the time limit, by their SURNAME most commonly used in the books? Read 'How to Play'.
Sirius Black, This Is Your Life
Poor Sirius didn't grow to be an old man, but at least he was played by an Oldman.
Book Covers Sharing a Word II
You can't judge a book by its cover, but what about judging a pair of books?
A Song of Ice and Fire Books in Order
Pick the books in 'A Song of Ice and Fire' in order
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