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Criteria Characters: Harry Potter II
The hard part is figuring out if it's secretly Tonks in disguise.
Harry Potter Deaths in Order Minefield
'You think the dead we love ever truly leave us?' -Albus Dumbledore
Harry Potter Bunker
We solemnly swear we are up to no good.
Harry Potter Top 200
For someone who often goes by 'He Who Must Not Be Named' he is sure mentioned a lot in the books.
'Pride and Prejudice' First Sentence Minefield
Oh how we hope that Elizabeth ends up with the charming Mr. Darcy.
Voldemort's Algorithm
Voldemort's algorithmic quote from Dumbledore's Pensieve memory in 'Half-Blood Prince'
Harry Potter Progressively Harder
Answer these 30 progressively harder Harry Potter multiple choice questions. Books and Movies only. Any movie related questions will be specified.
Harry Potter Minefield
Watch your step.
Harry Potter Chain: Prisoner of Azkaban
Don't let all that Time Turner stuff confuse you.
Harry Potter Name Chain
Don't break the chain!
Harry Potter Chain: Goblet of Fire
Pick the Harry Potter characters, places, and things based on the previous fact.
Harry Potter Book 4 Chapters
Put the Chapters from 'The Goblet of Fire' in order
7 to 1 Sorting- Harry Potter Book Chapters
Pick the Chapter Titles from each of the Harry Potter novels in this 7 to 1 Sorting Gallery
Harry Potter Bunker II
Bring it on, Voldemort!
Harry Potter Characters in Two Words
Pick the Harry Potter characters described in two words.
A Song of Ice and Fire Logic Puzzle
'Weese, Dunsen, Chiswyck, Polliver, Raff the Sweetling. The Tickler and the Hound. Ser Gregor, Ser Armory, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, King Joffrey, Queen Cersei.'
30 in 60: Classic Novels
We've heard of speed reading, but this is taking it too far.
Posthumously Published Books by Author
Clearly dead men do tell tales.
Harry Potter Alphabet Blitz A
Can you answer these 15 Harry Potter questions in Two Minutes? All answers start with the letter A.
Harry Potter Chain: Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter puns: They can Slytherin to any conversation.
Harry Potter Chain: Sorcerer's Stone
We're siriusly done with the Harry Potter jokes.
Harry Potter Quotes in Order: Sorcerer's Stone
Pick these movie quotes in order, from the film 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'.
Harry Potter Quotes in Order: Prisoner of Azkaban
Pick these movie quotes in order, from the film 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'.
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle: Marauder's Map
Harry and his two best friends are in the Burrow during Xmas break. Harry noticed he's lost his Marauder's Map and asked you to help him in finding it because he can't leave the house. Can you talk to people who possibly saw it? Read how to play.
Harry Potter Book 1 Chapters
Put the Chapters from 'The Sorcerer's Stone' in order
Harry Potter Chain: Deathly Hallows
Pick the Harry Potter characters, places, and things based on the previous fact.
Harry Potter Neighbourly Logic Puzzle #1
Each character lists the characters to whom they are adjacent. All rows are either male-only or female-only. Can you put the characters in the correct boxes?
The Harry Potter 'Periodic Table'
If you make it through this entire quiz without breaking a sweat, you really must be an insufferable know-it-all.
Harry Potter Surnames
Don't like Harry Potter puns? Too bad, we're Neville gonna stop.
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