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'EP' Vocabulary
A shoo-in for an EP!
Nato Phonetic Alphabet Minefield
Imagine if individual letters of the alphabet were this long.
French Job Picture Glossary
Your mère was a veterinarian and you père smelt of horticulture.
Elements in Spanish
Science is a universal language.
What's in a Star Trek Name?
Boldly play as no man has played before.
► Imp- Adjectives
This quiz in not impending (quite the opposite in fact)
Words Within Words 'R' Blitz
If you're a pirate you automatically get extra points.
Etymologies of South American Countries
Where Little Venice is pretty big.
Sporcle's Easiest European Language (per Letter)
If you're fluent in all 17 of these languages, consider us extremely impressed.
Four Letter Words Ending in 'OT'
If it rhymes with 'hot', it's worth a...try.
Eight Language Numbers Blitz
A quiz you can count on ... and on ...
Adverb Matchup
A quizz quiz!
T+ing Words in Titles
How exciT+ing
Britney Spears's Vocabulary
Play this baby, one more time.
German Verb Logic Puzzle
Can you apply die logik?
Apostrophe Catastrophe
Just try to be punctual.
Language Groups Grab Bag
Let's hope there's no Grab Bag snag.
Greek, Latin or Hebrew?
English is already hard enough.
Italian Words - Meanings by Images
Playing this quiz will not be pane-less.
Images for Every Subcategory: Language
Say hello to an excellent language quiz.
Word Wheels 6
Big wheels keep on turning.
Connect the Language
You might be tempted to click Punnish and Tagawegian.
'TELE' Definitions
Far out man!
Words, Stressed Out!
A Stressed Test.
Obscured Anagrams
Take great acre!
Lose-A-Letter Minefield
When you've lost all your letters, that usually means the game of Scrabble has ended.
10 Words 20 Definitions XX
Also known as 'One Word Two Definitions, but 10 times'.
Are Those Really Synonyms: 'Cold'
A cool little quiz.
10 Words 20 Definitions XXVI
This just might be a defining moment.
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