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Starts with 'BAT'
One to play right off the bat.
-rid Definitions
Rid yourself of all distractions.
African Countries in Turkish
Are you ready Togo?
28 Ways Not to 'Rap'
The first way is, 'just don't pick up the mic.'
Odd Definition Out
Definitely tricky.
Etymologies of European Countries
You may not wish to visit the Land of the Angry.
These Words Have Character
Here's your chance to find your hidden character.
Which Spanish Animal?
Who is the mysterious El Zorro?
One Letter Different: NATO Phonetic Alphabet
One letter can make a world of difference.
Just One Consonant (A-Z)
These words are useful for Scrabble when you pull 6 straight vowels out of the tile bag.
Preposition Matchup
We hope you're into prepositions
► K- Adjectives
Are you knowledgeable?
It ain't -ver 'til its -ver.
Common Sayings: Missing 'M' Words
Make the most of your mental might.
What's My Name?
You might be surprised to find this is a Language quiz, and not lyrics for the Rihanna song!
Super And Sub Words
This game is Supersonic, Substandard (or both)
First-Letter Replacements
Sometimes you just really need to replace some of your letters.
Spanish Word Cloud
Cloudy with a chance of albóndigas.
Complete the Similes With an Image
Are you as sharp as a tack?
Which Language Family?
Which language is the black sheep of the family?
Find the German Animals
Hunt Hai and Löwe for the animals.
Defining the NATO Phonetic Alphabet
As easy as Alfa, Bravo, Charlie.
Words Within Words 'O' Blitz
Do we love language quizzes? O yeah, we do.
Georgia Slang
Do you speak Georgian?
War Idioms
War, huh, yeah - what is it good for?
Find Four Words
Vocabulary Blitz 119
Another shorty.
5-Letter Ends Swap
Time for the old switcheroo.
Russian Alphabet Matching
33 letters in 2 minutes. Nyet problem.
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