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One-Minute Crossword IV
Anyone would be lucky to cross paths with this quiz.
The Braille Alphabet
Thanks to Louis Braille for making this quiz possible.
Find the US States in Russian
Good luck explaining "Arkansas" and "Kansas" to non-English speakers.
Vocabulary Blitz XXIII
Much more entertaining than actually reading the dictionary.
Vocabulary Blitz XXXII
With only 5 answers per quiz, we can do tons of these before we're at a loss for words.
Vocabulary Blitz XXI
These are some fun words to say aloud.
Spanish Food Fiesta
We suddenly have a terrible craving for paella.
E+ing Words in Titles
Pick the correct word starting with letter 'E' and ending in '-ing', missing from these titles and names.
► Bi- Adjectives
Pick the correct 'Bi-' adjective given its definition.
One-Minute Crossword II
Quick, what's a 7-letter word for a website with mentally stimulating diversions?
More Badly Misspelled Signs
The makers of these signs can't blame auto-correct for their mistakes.
Spanish Speaking Countries
These countries take their tildes very seriously.
Complete the 5-Letter Word III
These letters just need a little help with their endings.
Vocabulary Blitz XXVII
This is a quiz of few words.
The Blue Quiz
For some, Valentines Day may be a sad occasion and so we offer, The Blue Quiz.
3 Letter Anagram Blitz
This quiz really mixed us up.
Language By Movie Poster
Some characters are iconic in any language.
Vocabulary Blitz XXII
Thankfully, the dictionary is a big book.
Vocabulary Blitz XXXIV
This quiz will leave you wanting more and more.
Rhymes with 'Late'
It's high time to rhyme.
Which Italian Animal?
Even the animals in Italy feel obligated to take generic tourist photos.
4-Letter 'W' Words
Technically 'word' is a 4-letter word.
Fill in the Middle: Five Consonants
Just find the right fit.
► Greek Alphabet Symbols
Can you choose the correct (lowercase) symbol for each letter of the Greek alphabet?
Language Speed-Picking
For all those fast-talkers out there, this quiz should be a cinch.
Spanish regular preterite practice
Pick the Spanish regular preterite forms.
Vocabulary Blitz XXXI
Here are some fancy new words you can use to impress your friends.
Vocabulary Blitz XL
This one is for you sesquipedalian types.
Vocabulary Blitz XXVI
We could do hundreds more of these before running out of words.
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