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Japanese Katakana (Clickable)
Pick the correct katakana characters for the romaji sounds.
Anagram Word Stairs III
Just don't try to ride down these on a bicycle, it can get a little bumpy.
Hello World Languages
Fun Fact: If you can say 'Hello' in another language, 9/10 times, you can convince someone you're fluent in that language.
Rhymes with BILL
The Beastie Boys would have really benefited from playing this quiz.
Rhymes with 'TOY'
Name the one-syllable non-capitalized words that rhyme with 'TOY'.
Most Spoken Languages
How many of these languages do you know?
Past Tense Blitz
Even if you already took this quiz, take it again for good measure.
Word Laddyrinth XV
If you happen to to encounter David Bowie in the Laddyrinth, tell him to put on some more appropriate pants.
Rhymes with 'Sound'
Sounds like it's time. Time to rhyme.
Korean Alphabet
Name the Sounds of these Korean Letters.
Rebus Word Puzzles
Name the phrases represented by these rebus puzzles.
Rhymes With Dog
You can't graduate from puppy school until you get 100% on this dog rhymes quiz.
4-Letter Words from State Abbreviations
Who knew we could make state abbreviations so complicated?
European Language Colors
Sporcle could use a little more color.
Rhymes with 'Late'
It's high time to rhyme.
Rhymes with 'ART'
We wonder which answer you'll choose first.
27 Most Common English Verbs
Jump into action, and do well on this quiz.
US to UK Spellings
People in the UK must really like their vowels.
Philly Slang (Clickable)
Pick the Philly slang terms given their definitions.
EU Started It...
You might say 'eww' after seeing this quiz, but the Common Yew really likes it.
Which French Noun?
Can you choose the image that corresponds to the given noun in French?
Past Tense, Participle, Both, or Neither
Can you determine whether each verb is in the past tense, participle, both, or neither**?
NATO phonetic alphabet, randomly!
Name the NATO phonetic alphabet, in random order.
Foreign insults when translated to English
Pick the foreign insults translated into English.
Wikipedia Disambiguation pages - A
Can you choose which is the most important meanings of these words according to Wikipedia? (see game notes)
Bien Dit 1 - 5 French Question words
Name the Bien Dit 1 - 5 Question words.
Name the pairs of four-letter words that overlap in 3 letters to make five-letter words.
Which French Verb?
Can you choose the image that corresponds to the given verb in French?
Lost for Words: Compound Words
Don't worry. These handy pictures will help you find them.
Two-Minute Crossword
Take your time.
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