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Latin by Emoji
Just wait for the Pig Latin version of this quiz.
Word Wheels
Keep on rollin' along until you find the right letter.
World Languages by Any 3 Letters
This is like high school Spanish class: you don't have to know all of the language, just enough to get by.
German Speaking Countries
We're just göing tö put umlauts ön everything fröm here ön öut
Animal Spelling Bee II
Well we already got bee. So that gives you a one bug sized head start.
Giant Word Ladder I
One little letter can totally change the meaning of a word, no wonder English is so hard to lean.
9-Letter Word Scramble
'Scrambler' is a 9-letter word, but you won't find it in this quiz.
Eight Language Months Blitz
Can you provide the name for the months of the year in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, or Latin? Providing one translation for any day will trigger ALL translations for that month.
US/UK Words
Two nations. Divided by a common language.
4x4 Grid Match: Language
Just try not to get gridlocked.
Dutch Speaking Countries
This is certainly one way of going Dutch.
-ist Definitions
Pick the correct -ist ending word for each definition.
Heteronyms II
Paradoxically, this quiz sounds exactly the same as the last heteronyms quiz.
Word Wheels III
Hopefully the wheels don't come off for you on this quiz.
Picture Click: Spanish Family Tree
Tree jokes are just oak-kay.
Fruits and Vegetables in 4 Languages
This food is healthy in any language.
Hiragana Speed Reading
Name the romanized words for the Japanese Hiragana.
-ery Definitions
Pick the correct -ery ending word for each definition.
Picture Click: Sports in Spanish
Put that high school Spanish knowledge to use.
Find the Food in Spanish
Here's some food for thought.
Vegetables in French
'That which we call un gingembre by any other name would taste as sweet' - pretty sure that's Shakespeare.
Commonly Misspelled Words III
We're going to go ahead and pre-emptively blame autocorrect for all this.
Every 2 Letter Word Minefield
We hope you don't mine that this quiz is quite explosive!
Words in 'Nepal'
Name all the English words of 3 letters or more that can be made from 'Nepal'
-ite Definitions
Can you click the correct -ite ending word for each definition?
Official Languages World Map
3 languages will get you more than halfway there! Then it gets a little trickier...
Italian Speaking Countries
Parli Italiano? Even if you don't, you should have a good shot at getting all of these.
Find the Food in Italian
Olive Garden doesn't count.
Find the Food in German
Hopefully you don't have a fear of German sausage. That would be the wurst.
IPA Vowel Identification II
Can you identify the word which has each vowel sound as its nucleus?
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