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One-Minute Crossword VIII
Fill in the blanks as fast as you can!
Giant Word Ladder I
One little letter can totally change the meaning of a word, no wonder English is so hard to lean.
Official Languages World Map
3 languages will get you more than halfway there! Then it gets a little trickier...
Latin 6x6
Carpe diem, it's a Latin quiz.
Highest Scrabble Score
Trick question, proper names are not allowed!!
Arabic Speaking Countries
Any country that includes 'Arab' in their name might be a good place to start.
English Speaking Countries
English! Do you speak it!?
French Speaking Countries
Those French Colonialists certainly got around.
Word Puzzles
We're just glad that all words aren't written this way.
Word Laddyrinth VIII
There is no escape! (Unless you close your browser.)
Spanish: Colors
We could probably manage to go a while without using a color in conversation. But it's always good to be preparado.
Countries per Largest Languages
A guide for where to hang out when you talk like everybody else on this big rock.
Filipino Numbers
Name the Filipino Numbers 1-10.
Ends in 'GUE'
Gue-d Luck!!
Spanish: Days
After playing this quiz we suddenly had the urge to watch some telenovelas.
A-Z Then Double E
Try to work all these words into your next job interview...I'm sure it'll make you seem like some kind of genius.
Almost Dirty Words
Sometimes, it is such a fine line between speaking intelligently and acting like a twelve year old boy.
Aa to Az in 5 Letters
This quiz is a sort of like Alphabet soup, only more thought provoking and less tasty.
German: Family
If you are thinking about crashing a wedding in Germany, then this is a handy list to help you get by.
E Before I, Not After C
The "I before E except after C" saying is more like a guideline than an actual rule.
Word Trios by Language Origin
Nope, none of these words come from Pig Latin.
5-Letter Ends in 'N'
This is language fun to the Nth degree.
5-Letter Ends in 'A'
We could try and change our name to Spora, but that doesn't sound quite right.
1920s Slang
If you're ever in the mood to go around insulting people over the age of 100, this quiz is the place to start.
Missing 'I' Acronyms
These acronyms are really selfish.
'K' Word Conundrum
We like some of the made-up words a lot better than the real ones.
Word Hourglass VI
Time may be running out, but our vocabulary certainly hasn't.
Clickable Esperanto
Pick the Esperanto equivalent for each English word.
Double 'OR' Words
There's no 'either or' here -- it's only 'or'.
Missing 'H' Acronyms
Can you figure out what the 'H' is missing here?
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