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Word Laddyrinth IV
Does anyone even know how to pronounce 'Laddyrinth'?
Common Words Starting with 'W'
The Common English Words Starting with UU just wasn't as much fun as this one.
Regular French -er verb conjugation
Name the correct form of French -er verbs.
Giant Word Ladder VII
Hopefully you get more right than rung.
'CZ' Vocabulary
Pick the word beginning with 'CZ-' that matches each definition.
Take an S
Pick the words that take an S at the end.
Word Wheels 10
Pick the wheel for which the given letter would complete an 8-letter word, when replacing the question mark? It may begin with any letter in the wheel, proceeding clockwise or counter-clockwise..
Los Verbos ER
Pick the Los Verbos ER.
Quick Pick: Asian Cities in Russian II.
Pick these Asian cities in Russian.
Quick Pick: African Cities in Russian II.
Pick these African Cities in Russian.
Three Matching Vowels
I don't know why, but I think you would do better on this quiz wearing a muumuu.
Words in 'India'
Name all the English words of 2 letters or more that can be made from 'India'
Indian Food translation
Name the what you would expect to get if you ordered the following from an Indian restaurant.
Happy Birthday: Language Quick Pick
Can you select the language that the greeting Happy Birthday appears in (written form)?
Sayings in a Picture II
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but most of these are only worth a few.
Indo-European Counting Puzzle
We're counting on you to crack this one.
The Big Board: Language
You definitely need to watch your language.
Essential Verbs (German)
If you want to do anything in German, it's essential that you know these verbs.
ASL Picture Click: Transportation
Can you select the sign which represents each transportation-related word in American Sign Language*?
ASL Picture Click: Action Words
Can you select the American Sign Language sign which represents each action word*?
Words in 'Portugal'
Name all the English words of 4 letters or more that can be made from 'Portugal'
Words in 'Norway'
Name all the English words of 3 letters or more that can be made from 'Norway'
These Words Have a 'Leg' to Stand on
Only legitimate answers will be accepted.
These Words Have an 'Arm'
This quiz has an...arm... up on all the others.
20 ways to not 'Eat'
Name the Scrabble-accepted words (US) that can be made by changing any single letter in the word 'EAT'.
Numbers per European Language 7-to-1
In different European languages*, can you correctly click each number in the correct sequence, from seven words for '1' to one word for '7'?
-ude Definitions
Do your best, dude.
16 Little Language Pictograms
You better watch your language.
Spanish 1 Review
Complete this Spanish 1 Review.
A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T to Z _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T
Name the ten-letter words A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T to Z _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T.
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