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Giant Word Ladder I
One little letter can totally change the meaning of a word, no wonder English is so hard to lean.
Effect or Affect?
Can you tell the difference between effect and affect?
One-Minute Crossword II
Quick, what's a 7-letter word for a website with mentally stimulating diversions?
1-10 Letter R Words
This quiz is rated R, but we won't check your ID.
Which Language?
We're still waiting for a country to adopt Klingon as its official language.
Dead Language Multiple Choice
Has a dead language ever been revived?
NATO Phonetic Alphabet in Pictures
This is for all you visual learners out there.
16 Little 9-Letter Word Pictograms
This is a bombshell of a quiz.
Stuck in the Middle with 'H'
It's better than being stuck with just 'U.'
1-10 Letter O Words
Not sure if you have the vocabulary to get them all? O, ye of little faith.
Color Idioms
We'd put a color pun in here but we don't want things to get Violet.
Rhymes with 'Hunt'
One of these days we're going to get that dog for always laughing at us when we miss.
Spanish Speaking Countries
These countries take their tildes very seriously.
Clickable Counting in Twenty Languages
Can you click-count from 1 to 20 in the languages indicated?
5-Letter Ends in 'E'
Five letter words that end in the fifth letter of the alphabet? Sounds a little fishy to us.
Three Letter 'I' Words
It will be hard to take your 'I' off this one.
1-10 Letter N Words
This is language fun to the Nth degree.
Words Within Words 'F' Blitz
An F+ is still better than an F.
11 ways not to 'Pray'
Name the Scrabble-accepted words (US) that can be made by changing any single letter in the word 'PRAY'.
Vocabulary Blitz L
This Vocabulary Blitz might prove to be a real head-scratcher.
1-10 Letter L Words
We thought L meant 50, not 10.
Swap 'L' with 'R'
Finally, all those hours spent playing SNES will pay off.
Countries per Largest Languages
A guide for where to hang out when you talk like everybody else on this big rock.
Hangul Jamo (Korean Letters)
Name the Korean-English Transliteration.
Can it Follow Pi?
Fortunately, this isn't a math quiz. No numbers here!
1-10 Letter D Words
This quiz is simply delightful.
Vocabulary Blitz XIV
What we really want to know is if anyone can use all 5 words in one sentence.
The Only Letter VI
Those only letters must be so lonely.
The Blue Quiz
For some, Valentines Day may be a sad occasion and so we offer, The Blue Quiz.
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