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Spanish Months and Days
Pick the Spanish Months and Days.
Stage 6 Noun English Meaning
Can you write the English for the Stage 6 Nouns?
Japanese Hiragana (Clickable)
Pick the correct hiragana characters for the romaji sounds.
'To' and 'Fro' Vocabulary
Excellent vocabulary options for the indecisive. Or maybe not?
World Languages Bunker
If you make it all the way through this bunker, that means you're basically fluent in every language.
Le présent - verbes - ER + changement d'orthographe
Savez-vous conjuguer les verbes - ER + changement d'orthographe au présent?
Chapter 1
Name the Chapter 1.
Words Within Words 'G' Blitz
As these words turn...
Spanish 3 Unit 3 Careers and College
Pick the Spanish 3 Unit 3 Careers and College.
Coach Creekmore: Greetings and Introductions
Pick the Spanish greeting and introduction without making a mistake.
Korean Hangul Match
Match the Korean Hangul to the correct Romanisation.
Words Within Words 'F' Blitz
An F+ is still better than an F.
Spanish Speaking Countries
These countries take their tildes very seriously.
Spanish: Yo Irregulars
Let's see how YO do.
Which Food Belongs in That Idiom?
You can't have your idiom and eat it too.
-ght Definitions
Two wrongs don't might a right, but three lefts do.
Words Within Words 'A' Blitz
On your marks. Get set. A(GO)!
Spanish: Family
Four years of Spanish in high school and all I have to show for it is this quiz and the ability to ask for directions in Tijuana.
Regular French -er verb conjugation
Name the correct form of French -er verbs.
Vocabulary Blitz XLVI
Have you memorized the OED yet?
Words Within Words 'B' Blitz
This might leave your brain buzzing.
Spanish adjective agreement
Name the Spanish adjective agreement.
Words Within Words 'C' Blitz
The difference between cheating and heating up is only a single 'C'.
NATO phonetic alphabet, randomly!
Name the NATO phonetic alphabet, in random order.
Language Sixes
Watch your language!
American Sign Language Alphabet
This quiz is as easy as ABC...well sorta.
Criteria Languages
You might need to look into hiring a translator.
Picture Click: Spanish Family Tree
Tree jokes are just oak-kay.
Opposites Attract
This quiz is simply magnetic!
Languages Venn Diagram
You don't actually need to SPEAK any of these languages.
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