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First Then Last Blitz: Alphabet
If you like reciting the alphabet wildly out of order, you'll do well here.
Spanish Vocabulary Grab Bag II
We can answer a lot of these, but we still don't know how to say 'Grab Bag' in Spanish.
Begins and Ends with 'D'
It is decreed and demanded that this quiz be delivered.
Get the Picture: Five Languages for Four Seasons
Can you choose the season that has been translated into a different language?
French Verbs Picture Click
Pick the correct picture for each french verb.
Anagram Word Building
Be right back, getting the word builder toolbox.
Anagram Word Building III
We'll be pretty impressed if you can make a whole building out of those blocks.
NATO phonetic alphabet, randomly!
Name the NATO phonetic alphabet, in random order.
10 San- Words
Can you choose the correct san- word given its definition?
Greek Alphabet
A quiz in which the phrase 'It's all Greek to me' is considered trash talk.
16 Little 9-Letter Word Pictograms
This is a bombshell of a quiz.
Kpop Hangul Test
How fast can you pick the correct answers?
Countries per Largest Languages
A guide for where to hang out when you talk like everybody else on this big rock.
Drop an F
Aww man, someone ruined a bunch of perfectly good letters!
Drop a C
These 'C' letters can just get right out of town!
Drop a B
Oh no, not the B's! Not the B's!!
Drop an A
Lucky for you, A is not an especially fragile letter.
Language Grab Bag
Grab your language skills and let's get moving!
Hello World Languages
Fun Fact: If you can say 'Hello' in another language, 9/10 times, you can convince someone you're fluent in that language.
Korean Alphabet
Name the Sounds of these Korean Letters.
Rhymes with 'Late'
It's high time to rhyme.
Word Laddyrinth
Don't get lost, you might run into muppets.
LogiCrossword: Parts of Speech
Can you fill in the names of the eight traditional parts of speech with NO letters or hints provided?
16 Little 8-Letter Word Pictograms
A picture's worth a thousand words. Or, in this case, eight letters.
10 'Qua' Words
Can you choose the correct 'Qua-' word given its definition?
6-Letter Word Scramble II
It's not a scramble if you don't have enough syllables.
5-Letter Word Scramble II
Who's ready for a ride on the Scrambler?
-som Definitions
Here are -som definitions for you.
Japanese in English
Who says that Japanese is difficult to learn? After taking this quiz I realized I speak it all the time.
10 'Who' Words
Can you choose the correct 'Who-' word given its definition?
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