Big Adjectives 2
Indulge in the monumental Occurrence.
Christmas Carol Lyrics Vocabulary
Grab the wassail and get ready for some yuletide joy!
Quick Pick: -Ologies
You can't beat a good -ology
Starts with H, Ends with N
This quiz goes hon and hon ...
Switching Out Pros and Cons
After making a list of pro's and con's all we have really decided is that the English language is confusing...or is it profusing?
Quick Pick: Should I 'Stay' or Should I 'Go?'
If I go, there will be trouble ... And if I stay it will be double ...
1-10 Letter P Words
We know it's wrong, but every time we see the text 'P Words' we can't help but giggle a little.
Find the Language Branches (Europe)
Branch out and spread the word.
See or Sea?
Can you see what I sea?
10 Ways Not to 'Chew'
Don't chew want me baby ...
Common Sayings: Missing 'A' Words
All in a day's Sporcle.
Three Letter 'T' Words
If you get stuck, just remember to try and try again.
These Words Have Character
Find your hidden character.
Six-Letter in Eight-Letter
Six in eight. That's 75 % of the way.
Translated Spanish Towns
It's safe to say that most of these towns should stick with their Spanish translations.
Find the Nouns!
A quiz about nouns. Now there's a thing!
Stuck in the Middle with 'H'
It's better than being stuck with just 'U.'
4x4 Word Grid
Mind you don't get gridlocked!
Add a 'D' to the Beginning
Add a 'D'? Sounds easy, what's the catch?
Scrabble or Russia?
Valid or Nyet
Animals in 4 languages
Critters vocab.
English Words by Origin
Don't be a cheetah—close out of that online dictionary tab.
Fill In the First and Last Letters
Let us begin (and end)
17 Ways Not to Eat a 'Nut'
Here's a hint: don't use your teeth as a nutcracker.
'Cat' and 'Dog' Vocabulary
This is pawsibly the most purrfect vocabulary quiz we've ever seen.
S-p-o-r-c-l-e Word Finder
Sporcle's bits and pieces.
Dictionary Definitions: Animals
The dictionary fails to mention that Alpacas have some of the best haircuts in the animal kingdom.
Words to Die For
Sporcle and Let Die.
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