Holiday Quizzes

Origami Holidays
Name the holidays/observances these origami designs might represent.
Summer Painting
Can you paint a summer-themed object/scene by answering these questions about Summer?
Holidays by Face Mask
Name the holidays by the face masks that represent them.
Memorial Day: Paint a Memorial!
We'll wait for you to stop by the arts and crafts store.
Holiday Crossword: Memorial Day
Can you fill out the crossword, with a theme of Memorial Day?
Memorial Day Acrostic Puzzle
29 US Presidents have served in the Armed Forces in some capacity. When provided with their Rank and what war(s) they served in, can you fill in this themed acrostic puzzle?
Growing Grid: Days
Name the increasingly longer holidays and observances ending in 'day' given each description.
Get the Picture: May Holidays
Pick the correct holiday celebrated in May (Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day or Star Wars Day) to satisfy each clue.
A Mom in Every Category
Your mother will be very proud of you if you ace this quiz.
Sporc-tacular Mothers
Can you determine the answers in the various Sporcle categories that contain the word mother (or derivative thereof)?
Green The Grid Blitz: Holiday
Name the Holiday words below in order to green the grid.
Holiday Figures: Who Died First?
Can you choose the holiday figure who died first?
Dogs Celebrating Holidays
If you needed an adorable break from the rest of your day, this is it.
National Holidays: Mexico
Name the national holidays that are celebrated across all of Mexico.
Holidays on May 4th: True or False?
Can you determine whether each holiday may fall on May 4th or not?
Let's Play Quidditch: Holiday
Can you answer the following questions and make your way to the Golden Snitch? (see game notes)
Gather Round the Maypole
In honor of May Day, can you match these assorted poles with their descriptions?
Get the Picture: April Holidays
Pick the correct holiday celebrated in April (April Fools' Day, Earth Day or St. George's Day) to satisfy each clue.
Holiday Blitz: A
Pick the correct A answer to these Holiday questions.
First Half/Last Half: Holidays
Name the holidays when only given either letters from the first half (A-M) or last half (N-Z) of the alphabet.
Progressively Smaller Holidays
Do you observe these holidays? No, seriously, do you see them?!
Earth Day Birthdays
Someone out there thinks Earth Day is Earth's birthday.
Happy Earth Day!
Complete each environmentally-conscious fact.
Celebrating National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day
Name the famous people that are celebrating National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day (April 21) in these pictures.
Intersecting Trivia: Holidays
We'll meet you at the intersection of Holiday St. and Festivity Ave.
Same Letter: Holidays
Match the words or phrases that are typically associated with holidays that begin with the same letter.
Animals by Painted Eggs
We're like 99% sure most of these are not supposed to hatch. So explain all the new animals running around the office?
Diffs: Spot Ten Easter Differences
Happy Easter! Can you spot the ten differences in this Easter Bunny photo?
Oceania Public Holiday Crossword
Can you fill in the crossword puzzle with the names of the public holidays of the countries of Oceania?
Typing Challenge: Passover
Can you type these Passover-themed words in under a minute?
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