Holiday Quizzes

Same Date Holidays
We just happen to like holidays that stay consistent. Unlike Thanksgiving which just shows up whenever it feels like.
Take a Holiday!
If you live in the US, happy Labor Day, if not - GET BACK TO WORK!
New Year's Day Lyrics
Name the U2 lyrics for New Year's Day.
Christmas Song Snippets
A little Christmas music can go a long way.
'Christmas Time Is Here' Lyrics
50 years ago 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' aired for the first time. All these years later this song is still a beloved classic.
US Patriotic Songs
Sing with gusto, now! (That is, if you know the words.)
Christmas Carol Mix-Tape
Luckily, we didn't include Jingle Cats.
Christmas Song Slot Machine
'The best way to send Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.' - Buddy the Elf
Mini Word Ladder: Santa's Reindeer
Name the 5-letter words in this themed word ladder.
Mixed Word: Halloween Monsters
We prefer our Halloween monsters scrambled.
Vintage Halloween Costumes
These vintage costumes make us realize that Halloween was a much more terrifying place in the 70s and 80s.
I Said... BOO!
Sporcle accepts no responsibility for any fright associated with this quiz.
Over/Under: Holiday
There are tons of holidays, but our favorites are the ones where presents are involved.
Mixed Word: April Fools
Name the April Fool's Day words whose letters are scrambled.
Holidays: Which Month?
This quiz just makes us excited for Thanksgiving. We can feel our waistline expanding already.
Movie Quotes - Holiday
Oh, look! There's Mr Hedgehog. I wonder where he's going? Perhaps to HARLEM!
Cinco de Mayo
¬°Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Sporclers!
Ultimate Horror Movie List
Name the Ultimate Horror Movie List.
Holiday by Numbers
You can't put a price on a holiday, but you can put a number on it.
12 Days of Christmas
Season's Greetings
Presidents Born/Died on July 4th
Here's a bit of 4th of July trivia for you.
Follow the Directions - Feb 14th
Is there something we were supposed to remember today?
Blitz: Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa?
When people call this time of year the holiday season, this is what they're talking about.
White Christmas Mash-Up
Just when you thought you might be done with Christmas Music, we pull you back in.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Christmas Edition)
Name the Christmas song by guessing the lyrics with no hints at all.
Christmas Carol Mix-up
Name the Christmas carols that are mixed up in the following word bank.
The First Thanksgiving Feast
If you want a real traditional Thanksgiving feast, try making these foods.
Figure Out the Lyrics: Christmas Carol Medley
Can you provide the words to these assorted Christmas carol excerpts, which change from one carol to the next at points where a common word is shared?
Santa Around the World
This jolly old fellow has to cover 76 million miles, while visiting over 100 million homes, all in one night. The least you can do is know his name.
Christmas Movies
Some of these movies celebrate the Christmas season, and some just celebrate those who survive it.
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