Holiday Quizzes

TV Halloween Scenes II
In case you're in need of a few Halloween specials to watch while you devour candy.
Christmas Teddy Bears
Pick the Teddy Bears who represent these Christmas characters and symbols.
Which of the Two... Months
Every calendar's days are numbered, and that makes us a little sad.
'A' Holiday Quiz
This quiz may be about 'A,' but 'All We Want for Christmas is 'U.'
Holiday by Nail Art
Wow, this nail art really nailed it.
Separated Holidays (Valentine's Day)
No one should be separated on Valentine's Day!
Cartoon Christmas Gifs
Not to be confused with 'Cartoon Christmas Gifts.'
'Silver Bells' Lyrics
I've been hearing bells for a couple days now, of course I think that is because I slipped and fell on the ice.
Holidays by Cake
Holiday season is soon upon us, and our only question is...'Where's the cake?!'
All I Want for Christmas...
Not listed: our two front teeth.
Same Date Holidays
We just happen to like holidays that stay consistent. Unlike Thanksgiving which just shows up whenever it feels like.
Wrong Lyrics Christmas
Honestly, we're going to start singing these lyrics from now on.
Grinch or Skellington?
Both have tried to steal Christmas at one time or another.
Witch Hat Pick
The hat makes the witch.
Easter Eggs
Underneath these colorful shells are the makings for a mean egg salad sandwich.
Halloween Trivia Field
It's pretty likely that this trivia field is just a field with pumpkins and scarecrows.
Next 5 Words: Christmas Music
This isn't the time to forget your caroling book at home!
Turkey Pardon 2017 Trivia
Complete these statements about the 2017 US Presidential Turkey Pardon.
Connect the Dots: Halloween
The alphabet has never been so spooky.
Artists on the Christmas Album Cover
Seems like every artist releases a Christmas album at one point or another. Must be some sort of rite of passage.
12 Days of Christmas Price Index
The 12 days of Christmas can be very expensive indeed.
Holidays Found Elsewhere
Holidays show up in the oddest places.
Characters from Christmas Films
Pick the Christmas films from which these characters come from.
12 Days of Christmas Typing Challenge
Can you type each day of the 12 days of Christmas?
The Big Board: Holidays
A big board of holiday cheer.
Trivia: Holidays around the World
Can you choose the correct answers to these questions about holidays around the world?
Literary Character by Halloween Costume
Because you can't spell book without boo!
Santa Baby Christmas List
Looks like someone is on Santa's nice list.
Kyrgystan's Borders
Name the countries that border Kyrgystan.
Criteria Christmas Carols
Pick the Christmas carols that fit ALL of the given criteria.
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