Holiday Quizzes

Find the Sporcle Pumpkins
If you get 100% on this quiz, you've done a gourd job.
Find the Easter Eggs III
Can you find all of the ten Easter eggs in the picture of a woman in cold Yerevan, Armenia under one minute?
'The Christmas Song' Lyrics
There are two kinds of recording artists in the world....those who have covered this venerable Christmas classic, and those without a recording contract.
Surprising Alternatives to St Patrick's Day
Pick the surprising alternatives to St Patrick's Day using the descriptions, or will you have the luck of the Irish.
Christmas 7-to-1
Even Santa shops online now.
The St. Patrick's Day Quiz
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Characters
We're curious if Rudolph has switched to an LED nose yet. It would really lessen his carbon hoofprint.
Winter Teddy Bears
Do teddy bears hibernate?
'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town' Lyrics
Every breath you take, every move you make, Santa's watching you.
Holiday 7-to-1
Can you match each Holiday-associated answer to the correct category?
Wiki Halloween Picture Click
This is simply unboolievable.
Witch Hat Pick
The hat makes the witch.
Holiday Dates
We're thinking of pulling a Frank Costanza and making up our own holiday.
Connect the Dots: Halloween
The alphabet has never been so spooky.
Holidays by Pumpkin
What is a pumpkin’s favorite sport? Squash!
Celebrities on New Year's Eve
It's cold out there, you might want to perform with a jacket on next time!
Christmas Songs by Pictogram
Sadly, no songs from 'N Sync's Christmas album made the cut.
Holiday by Cupcake
These cupcakes make us want to celebrate these holidays every single day.
5-Star Christmas Songs
All we want for Christmas is for you to play this quiz.
'B' Holiday Quiz
We can think of a BUNCH of things we like about the holidays. And at least a few of them start with B.
US Holidays in Order
These holiday things are really good at sneaking up on you.
Celebrating St. Patrick's in Style
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
TV and Comic Cartoons by Santa Claus
Santa Claus not only gets around on Christmas Eve, he's found his way to your favorite cartoons too.
Things Mariah Carey Wants for Christmas
Mariah has a pretty short Christmas list.
Holidays A-Z
The best part about holidays? Holiday weekends!
Dogs in Strange Costumes
These cuties wish you a happy 'howl'oween!
Holiday Characters
Happy Holidays from Sporcle.
Stupid Easter Jokes
What do you call an egg from outer space?
Holiday Alphabet Soup
This time of year, the best thing you can do to keep warm is eat a nice bowl of soup.
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