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Pick The Welsh Holiday
Name the Pick The Welsh Holiday.
Click the Best 4th of July Firework Displays
Could this also be worded as the best cities for grilling on 4th of July?
Spring Holiday Crossword
Can you fill the crossword using the hints? The bottom answer contains the theme of the quiz and is spelled using the circled letters.
On Which of the 12 Days of Christmas?
Partridges must really like pears.
Pick the Holiday Symbol
We'd put a Halloween pun here, but they were all too corny.
'Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer' Lyrics
The ultimate special teams player, Rudolph has a 'nose' for seeing his way around in the dark.
Halloween Candy Click
We'd rather eat the candy, but we'll settle for clicking it.
Spring Teddy Bears
Teddy bears are lucky - they don't have to worry about allergies in the spring.
Winter Teddy Bears
Do teddy bears hibernate?
Common Halloween Costumes
This quiz is offered as a service to those who might be looking for last minute Halloween ideas.
Holiday by LEGO
We imagine that holiday Legos are just as painful to step on as normal ones.
Famous Vampires
This quiz sucks.
Halloween Character Sorting
If you don't sort these correctly, one might come after you.
✔ First Day of School: A Logic Puzzle ★
Name the answers to this logic puzzle, and prove your mind is ready to go back to school.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Christmas Edition)
If the constant stream of Christmas songs at grocery stores wasn't enough for you, we decided to join the party.
Chinese Zodiac Animals Click
The year of the 'enter your zodiac animal here' is DEFINITELY the best.
Blitz: Monday Holidays
Uh-oh, sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.
Complete the Halloween Jokes
Apologies in advance for our ghoulish sense of humor.
Sporcle's Easiest Holiday
Claus you're worth it.
I Hate St. Patrick's Day Jokes Too!
Is cubic zirconia called sham rock in Ireland?
Christmas Sorting Blitz
Here at Sporcle, we think sorting is the best way to make sure everything is where it should be.
Dogs in Strange Costumes
These cuties wish you a happy 'howl'oween!
The Heart Quiz
Happy Valentines Day from Sporcle.
The Vampire Strikes Back!
This is a quiz to sink your teeth into.
Follow the Directions - Feb 14th
Is there something we were supposed to remember today?
Paint the Easter Eggs
Can you answer the questions about Easter to paint the Easter eggs?
Scientist's Holiday Plans
Pick the correct holiday by a 'scientific' description of actions related to it.
Famous Faces by Carved Pumpkin
Play this quiz and you'll be well on your way to earning your Trick or Treat badge!
Pick the Holiday Image
Can't decide? Just celebrate them all!
Christmas Decorations
Deck the halls, and so forth.
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