Holiday Quizzes

Christmas Song Spree
As far as we know, you're supposed to sing these as loud and as off-key as possible.
Blitz: Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa?
When people call this time of year the holiday season, this is what they're talking about.
Name the Month by US Holiday
Sadly, this quiz will not get you out of work for the day.
Holidays by Wikipedia Sentence
If Wikipedia says it, it must be true.
'All I Want for Christmas is You' Lyrics
This might be the most romantic Christmas song outside of Santa Baby.
Clickable Christmas Carol: 12 Days of Christmas
This quiz is full of great ideas for the last-minute Christmas shopper.
Complete the Christmas Tree
Next year we will have to try this same quiz with a Festivus pole.
Holiday Character Blitz
Can you find the holiday characters?
Figure Out the Lyrics: Christmas Carol
For a real challenge, try singing along in German.
Christmas Songs by Pictogram
Sadly, no songs from 'N Sync's Christmas album made the cut.
Christmas Song Snippets
A little Christmas music can go a long way.
Guess the Weight of the Christmas Cake!
Pick the correct weight of each Christmas cake displayed below from the given options.
Halloween Candy Click
We'd rather eat the candy, but we'll settle for clicking it.
Home for the Holidays Logic Puzzle
Oh, there's no place like Sporcle for the holidays...
Chinese Zodiac Animals Click
The year of the 'enter your zodiac animal here' is DEFINITELY the best.
'Silver Bells' Lyrics
I've been hearing bells for a couple days now, of course I think that is because I slipped and fell on the ice.
'White Christmas' Lyrics
The key to success on this one is to channel Bing Crosby.
'The Christmas Song' Lyrics
There are two kinds of recording artists in the world....those who have covered this venerable Christmas classic, and those without a recording contract.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Holiday
Can you choose the correct answer to a question from each Holiday subcategory?
Holiday Multiple Choice
You can choose a lot of things in life, but you can't choose to skip the holidays without facing the wrath of your mother.
Candy Rush
For those that want to hurry through their trick-or-treating.
Grinch or Skellington?
Both have tried to steal Christmas at one time or another.
3 Holiday Threesomes
Name the 3 answers in each of these topics in the Holiday category.
I'm Dreaming of a Sporcle Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a Sporcle globe.
Christmas Song Excerpts
There are so many great Christmas songs, we decided to save time and sing a line from each.
'The Star-Spangled Banner' Clickable Lyrics
Who even uses the word 'spangled'?
Holiday Shoes
We're not sure we'd want to walk a mile in these shoes.
'Let It Snow' Lyrics
This song is not so much a Christmas Carol, but more like my chant to the heavens.
🎼 🎄 We Three Kings of Orient Are 🎁 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''We Three Kings of Orient Are''?*
Holiday To-Do Lists
To-Do Lists are a great way to stay organized around the holidays.
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