Holiday Quizzes

Christmas 7-to-1
Can you match each Christmas answer to the correct category?
Speedy Spooky Halloween 7-to-1
In 60 seconds, can you pick the correct Halloween-themed groups of words?
Breaking Christmas Movie News!
Name the Christmas movies that are making headlines.
Christmas Characters: Human or Not Human?
Can it still be human if it's made out of clay?
A Halloween Murder Mystery
This quiz involves murder, intrigue and a hefty amount of brain power.
Over/Under: Holiday
There are tons of holidays, but our favorites are the ones where presents are involved.
Bullseye Blitz: Holidays!
Maybe you'll get struck by one of Cupid's arrows?
Year-Round Sorting Minefield Blitz
Can you quickly and carefully pick an item belonging to the displayed topic?
Thanksgiving Dinner Logic Puzzle
After you play this quiz, you might as well take a nap.
The Sporcle 2012 Christmas Card
Happy Holidays everybody.
What Day is That Holiday(2018)
Can you choose the correct date of that holiday as of 2018?
Holiday Consonants
Pick the consonants in the months of the U.S. federal holidays.
Santa Claus, Where Are You?
So long as he doesn't get lost on his way to Sporcle HQ, we're all good.
'D' Holiday Blitz
Name the holiday things beginning with 'D' in just 90 seconds.
Holiday 7-to-1
Can you match each Holiday-associated answer to the correct category?
Holiday... By Other 14 Categories!
Can you choose the correct answers to holiday-related questions based on each other Sporcle category?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Holiday
Can you sort the holiday terms into their categories before time runs out?
Finish the Christmas Song
For what it is worth, the Finish the Festivus Song quiz was just too darn hard.
Holiday Spelling Test
There's no place like Sporcle for the holidays.
3-D Holidays
3D glasses are the perfect accessory to complement that ugly holiday sweater of yours.
Holiday Alphabet Soup
This time of year, the best thing you can do to keep warm is eat a nice bowl of soup.
Holiday Comic Strip Panel Illustrations
Things can certainly get animated around the holidays.
'The Star-Spangled Banner' Clickable Lyrics
Who even uses the word 'spangled'?
Holidays by Balloon
We've never seen holidays be so afraid of needles before.
Separated Holidays (Thanksgiving)
Just avoid talking politics this Thanksgiving and you won't have to separate anyone.
Cats in Strange Costumes
This quiz brought to you in honor of National Dress Up Your Pet Day.
Home for the Holidays Logic Puzzle
Oh, there's no place like Sporcle for the holidays...
Movie Holidays
Name the holidays being celebrated in these scenes.
Christmas Wordfind Puzzle
Getting a zero on this quiz will earn you a lump of coal.
Clicky-oke: Christ the Lord is Risen Today
Pick the missing word in each line from the hymn 'Christ the Lord is Risen Today'.
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