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Thanksgiving Dinner Logic Puzzle
After you play this quiz, you might as well take a nap.
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons
We don't know what's so appealing about Charlie Brown floating through New York, but we'll be glued to our TV screens all the same.
A Halloween Murder Mystery
This quiz involves murder, intrigue and a hefty amount of brain power.
Finish the Christmas Song
For what it is worth, the Finish the Festivus Song quiz was just too darn hard.
Frosty the Snowman Building Supplies
If you're going to build a magical singing snowman, there's really only one solution.
Thanksgiving Foods By Image
Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to eat some tasty food.
Thanksgiving Typing Challenge
Name the progressively longer Thanksgiving-related words in this typing challenge.
Let's Cook Thanksgiving
Can you answer these questions to prepare to cook Thanksgiving dinner?
Christmas Wordfind Puzzle
Getting a zero on this quiz will earn you a lump of coal.
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloons Match-Up
There's a good chance these characters will pop into your head.
Clickable Thanksgiving Jokes
Why did the turkey cross the road? To prove he wasn’t chicken!
Artists on the Christmas Album Cover
Seems like every artist releases a Christmas album at one point or another. Must be some sort of rite of passage.
Santa's Reindeer
With a little old driver so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
More rapid than eagles, his coursers they came,
And he whistled and shouted and called them by name:
The First Thanksgiving Feast
If you want a real traditional Thanksgiving feast, try making these foods.
Anatomy of a Turkey
The only parts we usually worry about are white meat and dark meat.
Reverse Alphabet: Holiday
Reverse the holidays? The New Year is going to get really confusing!
Thanksgiving A to Z
Learn some factoids to impress your distant cousins at Thanksgiving dinner!
Christmas Trivia Field
Just how well do you know your random Christmas trivia?
12 Days of Christmas
Season's Greetings
Countries without Thanksgiving
Name the only countries without the letters T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G in them.
The 3rd thing you need to know: Christmas
Can you pick things associated with Christmas by the third sentence in their Wikipedia article?
Christmas Cushions
Name the Christmas character, tradition or symbol that inspired these cushions or pillows.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Christmas Edition)
If the constant stream of Christmas songs at grocery stores wasn't enough for you, we decided to join the party.
Fixed or Not?
Can you determine whether each holiday occurs on the same date on the Gregorian calendar every year?
Typing Challenge: 100 Christmas Words
Just try not to get any tinsel in your keyboard. It's tricky to get out.
The Sporcle Magic Christmas Card
We hope you enjoyed 2013 on Sporcle. Here's looking forward to a fantastic 2014.
Christmas Word Ladder
You might need this if you burn out a few holiday lights.
What Biblical People are Thankful For
Can you determine what each Biblical person would be thankful for if they celebrated Thanksgiving?
Holiday Shoes
We're not sure we'd want to walk a mile in these shoes.
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