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2018 U.S. Senate Election Results
Can you match each Senate election result with the state the election took place in? (Be sure to distinguish special elections from main/general elections.)
'B' World Leaders
This quiz contains some Queen B's.
Country Face-Off
It's like a World Cup for country facts.
Eponymous U.S. State Capitals
When given the name of a U.S. state capital, can you click on the name or designation of the person for whom the capital was named?
5 by 5 Art by Century
Name the title (or the artists) of these paintings from the last 5 centuries.
The Struggle Is Real - Monarchs & Royals
It's definitely a struggle to be stuck with the nickname 'The Terrible' for the rest of time.
Vice President Name Match
Some VPs know how to play it cool.
National Museum by 3 Exhibits
Put your knowledge on display.
Historical Figures' Signatures
Fame and good penmanship don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.
Absent Letter US Presidents
Presidents really need to bring back the epic facial hair.
In Memoriam: 2018
A tribute to those we lost in 2018.
Historical Events of 1916
It's the same old theme since nineteen-sixteen. In your head, in your head, they're still fighting.
Sail to the New World!
One wrong turn, and you get a holiday named after you.
WWII Propaganda Posters
He seems pretty psyched by whatever's on the other side of that periscope.
All The President's Presidents
That's a lot of Presidents.
The 17th Century A-Z
Bonus points if you play this quiz while wearing a wig.
Pictorial President Multiple Choice
It's a lot harder with the ones from a couple hundred years ago.
England & France: At War?
Allies or enemies? Well, it's complicated.
Female Nobel Laureates
Whoever invented knock-knock jokes deserves a No-Bell prize.
Three Fifties Decades
You've got a 50-50-50 shot with this one.
Complete FDR's Infamy Speech
Hopefully your score on this quiz won't live in infamy.
1960s World Leaders Names Match-Up
We can't think of any good puns right mao.
Jewish Supreme Court Justices
These Justices know how to celebrate eight crazy nights.
Letter Ending President Pairs
It's not how these Presidents started, but how they finished.
Anyone but Winston Churchill
Happy Birthday, Mr. Churchill. This quiz will require lots of blood, toil, tears, and sweat.
19th Century: First or Second Half III
Bet you wish you'd paid attention in history class now, huh?
US Presidents: Succeeding the Assassinated
Under these circumstances, nobody wants to be voted Most Likely to Succeed.
Presidents Who Went to Harvard
Apparently it's supposed to be a pretty good school.
US Declarations of War Match
War! What is it good for?
Which Adams?
In an alternate history, we got president Addams, and the US was way spookier.
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