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20th Century Europeans' Name Match
Only you can bring order to the chaos of these unmatched pairs.
19th Century US Figures Match-up
I remember as a child studying the great accomplishments of Crazy Carnegie and Wyatt Tubman.
French History Match-Up
Is there anything in this quiz about french fries, because seriously, those things are awesome.
Ancient History Match-up
Et tu, Sporcler?
19th Century Women Match-Up
Even without the internet, these historical figures managed to become known worldwide.
19th Century Figures Match-Up
Back in the 1800s, matching was a whole new concept. At least, that's what we'd like to believe.
Political Photos from the 2000s
These are the events that helped shape our world today.
Which Army?
Finally an answer to the age-old question: "You and whose army?"
Eyewitness to America
According to this quiz, Forrest Gump was not present at every historic moment. Weird.
Medieval History Match-up
This quiz can also be played with your eyes closed in a swimming pool: Marco...
20th Century Figures Match-up
Getting all these people together might make for a very awkward party.
17th Century Names Match-Up
Asked not to defy current authority. Does it anyway.
17th Century Click-in-the-Blank
Technically, you're clicking what goes in the blank, not inside of the blank itself.
Art History Match-up
Art doesn't have to match. Art history might.
Three-Part Names: US History
We wish all of these people went by their initials like FDR. It would make it way easier to remember their names.
Philosopher Match
Hmmm...we might have to ponder this one for a while.
Popular Royal Baby Names
These royal babies are always so popular--these names must be the source of it all.
Countries of the Mongolian Empire
We like to think of Mongolia as "The Empire Formerly Known as Genghis Khan's".
Common Presidential/Vice Presidential Names
These president names weren't anything special.
Monarchs of England
Don't hold your breathe Charles. You'll never, ever, ever be in this quiz.
Guess Who's Calling?
Whoever is calling, we hope it isn't one of those telemarketers.
US Presidents by Any 3 Letters
We've gone ahead and made it easy on you...or did we?
11 States That Could Pick the US President
OK maybe the electoral college has a flaw or two.
U.S. Secretaries of State
So, what kind of card do you get the Secretary of State for Secretary's Day?
Who Did It First?
If at FIRST you don't succeed in this quiz, try and try again.
US Supreme Court
SCOTUS doesn't feel like the most flattering acronym.
'P' in History
We're strictly referring to the letter P here. We swear!
1940s Blitz
We started to play this quiz and suddenly we found ourselves in a fedora.
Multi Time Person of the Year
Looking over this list, it is safe to say that Time Magazine is not always the best judge of character...just saying.
Famous From the 19th Century
A quiz about the 19th century? We hear they didn't even have the Internet back then.
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