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Electoral States Won by Roosevelt (1940)
Can you select the states that voted for Franklin Roosevelt based on the Electoral College in 1940?
Find the Union States (Minefield)
Be careful in the middle.
Finish the Famous Quote III
Go on, be inspired and all that.
1900s Match-Up
It's like Sporcle's version of turn back the clock night.
1970s Match-Up
All we know about the '70s we learned from watching Charlie's Angels.
1950s Match-Up
Grab your poodle skirt and your pomade and we'll all go down to the sock hop!
1910s Match-Up
If the '20s were roaring, what were the '10s?
20th Century Match-Up
With these names and places, you'll be able to piece together a good part of the 20th century.
Ancient History Bunker
Be a conqueror, Sporcle-style.
Political Photos from the 2000s
These are the events that helped shape our world today.
Historical Figures by One-Word Hints II
These figures are so notable, only one word is needed.
British History Match
You have to wonder how well The Doctor would do on this quiz.
'E' in History
If you get 100% you might be some sort of...er...smart guy.
'D' in History
Finally, getting a D in history is a good thing.
2000s Blitz
Don't worry, this quiz is fully Y2K compliant.
British Royal Family Tree
Is there some sort of event happening with these guys today?
Countries of the German Empires
This quiz is best taken wearing lederhosen and eating br├Ątwurst...or at least that is our excuse for the outfit and the snack.
US History Grab Bag II
Just try to see if you can 'bag' a few answers.
Countries of the Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman foot stool is probably not the most impressive imperial legacy.
Lives By Actions
Find Five: Former Things
Pick the five things that used to be members of each category, but are no longer so.
End of a Presidency
Can you choose the way in which each United States presidency ended?
20 People Born in 1920
Identify the People Born in 1920.
A Categorically 19th Century Quiz
Pick the the 19th Century facts by Sporcle category.
2010s Blitz
Let's take a look back on the decade, why don't we?
This or That: First Lady
There's a 50% chance you'll get any given question right.
10 to 1: 2018 Historical Anniversaries
Pick the (historical) events that celebrated their anniversary in 2018.
Spot the... US Vice Presidents
Can you click the people who served as Vice President of the USA, ignoring the people who did not?
Ivy League Schools
Name the Ivy League schools.
Electoral States Won by Wilson (1912)
Can you select the states that voted for Woodrow Wilson based on the Electoral College in 1912?
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